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unicorn baby comforter with tags pink baby
pink baby comforter unicorn theme tags and love hearts
Cute unicorn pink comforter taggy
All Things Unicorn

Pink Unicorn Taggy Comforter

Babies really do love tags don't they! And this one has been designed with that in mind. The Mini Doudou Jade the Unicorn baby comforter has plenty of tags for baby to play with. A great companion!

The pink unicorn comforter with the tags. Tags are high on every babies agenda, they love to play with them, drool on them and obsess over them. This comforter he done a great job of taking that into consideration and there aren't many like this on the market. Machine washable, soft and squishy - we fail to see how this one couldn't be  wonderful companion for baby for many years to come.

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