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Trend Wares Pink Unicorn Girls Women's Watch
All Things Unicorn

Trend-Wares Pink Unicorn Womens Watch

The trend-wares unicorn watch has been beautifully designed it's one of our favourites. It features a pale pink PU-leather strap and buckle, and a white pink and purple face with a stainless steel silver coloured rim and back. This watch is suitable for children, trendy teens and women too. The face of the watch features a magical unicorn with gold stars. This watch has been nicely made and would make a fantastic and practical Birthday, Christmas or Starting School gift, as it's sure to look stunning on the arm of any girl. 

The time keeping is quartz, and is battery operated. It has 3 silver coloured hands for hours, minutes and seconds and comes in it's very own IPS coated metal case. The length of the watch including the case is approximately 19.5cm and isn't too heavy for the arm at just 30g in weight. 

Is it a waterproof watch? It is water-resistant against light splashing and rain, but should not be used for swimming, bath-time or other occasions when it's likely to get very wet. 


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