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Fringoo unicorn backpack pink girls
Fringoo unicorn backpack pink girls
Fringoo unicorn backpack
Fringoo unicorn zip bag for nursery backpack keep food fresh
Fringoo unicorn backpack fun
Fringoo collection of nursery backpacks
Fringoo unicorn backpack for nursery child
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FRINGOO Unicorn Girls 3D Backpack

The Fringoo unicorn backpack bag is a well designed, durable, high quality pink backpack designed for girls, toddlers and boys who are embracing the on-trend unicorn theme. This cute backpack has some lovely features that make it a great choice for children starting nursery, school, travels, hiking, overnight stays and days out with the family. 

Fringoo backpack features review:

  • 3D ears and horn create a fun, colourful, unique and functional backpack.
  • Made from a durable soft neoprene. 
  • Has padded and adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and to ensure that it grows with your child. 
  • The grab and go handle on the top of the backpack is great when you're in a hurry and allows for the bag to stored away on a hook or a coat peg. 
  • There are plenty of nice compartments in this bag. Including the main zipped compartment which can be used for books, clothes, small tablets and laps and is great for storing away a packed lunch. The main compartment is fully insulated and therefore food safe which will help to ensure that your child's food is kept fresh and tasty for longer. 
  • There is also a front pocket to store away those things that your child might want to quick access to such as pencils, pens or a healthy snack. 
  • Side pockets. There are 2 side pockets which can be used for keeping drink bottles and other easy to grab items. 
  • Size: 300 mm x 220 mm x 90 mm
  • Suitable for children aged between 2 and 12 years old.
  • Has a fitted name tag so that your child's bag will be easily identifiable.
  • A wonderful gift for any young unicorn lover. Kids embracing the unicorn theme will absolutely love this backpack. Beware: This backpack may go everywhere with you! 

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