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Unicorn Pendant Necklace on 18" Trace Chain For Girls
Unicorn Pendant Necklace on 18"
Unicorn Pendant Necklace on 18" Trace Chain Silver
Silver unicorn necklace for girls women
Unicorn Pendant Necklace on 18" Trace Chain Silver 925

Unicorn Pendant Necklace on 18" Trace Chain

Brand: Kiara Jewellery

Color: Silver


  • SUPERB QUALITY and craftsmanship, Mother of Pearl is inlaid BY HAND. The pendant is 40 mm high. RHODIUM is a metal of SIMILAR VALUE TO PLATINUM and we plate our jewellery with it to PROTECT IT FROM TARNISHING.
  • Mother of Pearl is a smooth SHINING & IRIDESCENT substance found frequently in the inner layer of Abalone/Paua shells. TOTALLY NATURAL, so no two shells are identical.
  • COSTUME/FASHION JEWELLERY suitable for women, teenagers and girls. Presented to you in a BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT gift box.

Details: Paua Shell (known in the US and Australia as Abalone) can only be found in the sea around New Zealand and there is no other shell in the world that offers the range of bright colours ranging from greens & pinks to purples & blues. The colours change when viewed at different angles and it is this bright iridescence which makes the Paua Shell so amazing as a gem material in Jewellery.

The Paua fishery is properly managed in a sustainable way with strictly enforced quotas and regulations.

It is a natural product and consequently every shell is different and every piece of Jewellery unique. The process of preparing the shells into sheets to be inlaid in the Jewellery is complex and requires handiwork by experienced craftsmen.

We ship all our beautiful jewellery range in an elegant jewellery box, ready to be presented for any occasion.

Buying on Amazon gives you additional protection that we stand behind our product and in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase just arrange to return it via Amazon for full credit.

Key Features:

• Jewellery inlaid by hand with natural Paua/Abalone shell
• The Jewellery is silver colour rhodium plated to protect from tarnishing
• Superb quality, very competitively priced


• Jewellery for women
• Jewellery for teenagers
• Jewellery for girls
• Weekday jewellery
• Evening wear jewellery
• Daywear jewellery
• Birthday jewellery
• Anniversary jewellery
• Engagement party jewellery
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• Prom jewellery
• Thank you jewellery
• Graduation jewellery
• Apologising jewellery
• Passed exam jewellery
• New mom jewellery
• Good bye/ moving jewellery

Box contains:

1 Kiara Jewellery Paua/Abalone Unicorn pendant on an 18" trace chain.

UPC: 720260617595

EAN: 0720260617595

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