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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Value pack unicorn squishies
Children will love these adorable unicorn squishies
Slow rising, stress relief unicorn squishies
Relive exam stress with this adorable unicorn squishy
Cute pastel unicorn squishies value pack
Unicorn stickers
Adorable unicorn squishies pastel colours
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4 Piece Unicorn Slow Rising Squishy Set in 4 Different Custom Designs

Unicorn squishes are the in thing right now amongst school children and we love this 4 pack of unicorn squishies! There's never been a more perfect way to relieve stress, express emotion, reduce tension and promote deep thinking! If you've been around a while then you might remember the "stress balls", and these have now been re-invented as squishes which all have lovely sweet smells and feel great to squeeze!

Now this re-invention comes with a many cute designs, and lots of colour, and of course being huge unicorn fans we absolutely love this product that has not just one but four cute unicorns to play with. 

These squishies make great party bag fillers and so this pack is one of the most cost effective ways of doing so! Or do you have more tan one child who is obsessed with the craze? Again this is a great way to purchase the squishies! This is an ideal gift in a really good value pack! 

Brand: Kompanion



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