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Unicorn baby gym mat play redkite pink
Redkite Unicorn Play Mat, Baby Gym
All Things Unicorn

Lovely Pink Unicorn Play Mat

Give your baby a workout with the baby gym play mat! Keep those legs moving and those arms waving. But beware! Your baby may develop too quickly and start crawling too early.

Put your left leg in, your left leg out....... 

This unicorn themed newborn baby gym is great for giving your little one the workout that they need to keep all things developing as they should do. Stimulation is one of the key purposes of this baby mat and the hidden squeaker and built in crinkle fabrics really are perfect for tummy time. If this one doesn't keep your little one entertained (for at least a little while) then we're not sure what will! 

Let's recap over the key features:

Neatly padded play gym with detachable hanging toys
Variety of activities for visual and tactile stimulation
Includes hidden squeaker and crinkle fabrics for play time
Helps to improve hand-eye coordination

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