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Samsonite Unicorn Make- Up Cosmetic Bag
Unicorn Toiletry Samsonite Bag
Unicorn pastel mauve make up toiletry bag
Unicorn Toiletry Samsonite Bag Pastel
Cute unicorn make- up bag, toiletry bag
All Things Unicorn

SAMSONITE Happy Sammies Toilet Kit Toiletry Bag, Unicorn Lily

We absolutely love this cute mauve unicorn bag from Samsonite. It features a cheeky smiley face, with closed eyes, and sticking out ears and little unicorn horn, with a multi colour pastel mane, and a rainbow on the zipper, this is just delightful! 

Each bag features an ID tag on all items, and is made from high quality melange fabric- giving this bag a hard wearing quality. So sure of its quality that this bag comes with a warranty of 2 years!

Would make a lovely gift idea. 


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