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Unicorn Towel SkipHop Zoo
unicorn bath towel for kids
All Things Unicorn

SkipHop Zoo Hooded Towel, Unicorn

SkipHop Zoo are one of the UK's  leaders when it comes to children's unicorn accessories and this unicorn bath towel is the perfect accessory for any young boy, girl or baby. The colour is a soft baby blue with a hood which features the face and 3D detail of a unicorn. A fun bath towel that every young girl or boy will enjoy drying themselves off with, and you guarantee that getting out of the bath or shower will be as much fun as getting into it. 

This would makes a lovely birthday present of Christmas gift idea for a child who has already got bundles of toys! Here at all things unicorn we think this is a magical towel for a little one and if you've already got other SkipHop Zoo items then you will know that they match lovely!

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