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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Baby change backpack pink leather
Baby change zip
Pink leather baby changing bag
Cute baby changing bag pink leather by colorland
A pink leather unicorn baby changing bag for cool mums
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Unicorn Baby Changing Backpack Pink Leather

COLORLAND Unicorn Baby Changing Backpack Review.

Who is the coolest mummy in town? Well obviously it's the one strutting this unicornly fabulous backpack. Maybe not dads first choice, but are you going to let that stop you?

Whilst many of us share the love for unicorns, a changing bag / backpack can be a real statement feature. We love this bag because it's smart and has a cute unicorn logo embossed on the pocket only. It's not over the top but it still shares the love for all things unicorn. Who's a cool mummy then? Features: Vivid unicorn embroidery, wipe pocket on the front, lightweight faux leather material easy to wipe clean and water resistant. Not sure if this is one that daddy will love but if you've got the uni-horn by the balls then we're sure that wouldn't stop you! Plus - when baby's big enough that you no longer need this, it can double up as a backpack for mummy!


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