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Beautiful unicorn scatter cushion for girls bedroom

Cute Unicorn Face Scatter Cushion 33x25cm

Wow, how can you resist? This cute unicorn face scatter cushion is going to look great anywhere and is most definitely the one for girls! You just know that this is going to put a smile on your face when you walk through the door after a long day. Perfect for a girls bedroom, nursery or playroom. Beware: This cushion could very likely hop from room to room randomly and on a regular basis!

What's the difference between a cushion and a scatter cushion? Well a scatter cushion is a small cushion that is designed to be placed randomly so as to create a casual effect and to be moved as required. A normal cushion is usually designed to stay in one place and not move around too much. 
Cushion Size: 33x25cm, Cushion Theme: 100% Unicorn , Colours: Pinks, Blues and Yellows. 

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