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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Cute and colourful rainbow unicorn squishy
Stress relief unicorn squishy toy
Unicorn stress reliever squishies
Squishies cute and fun for party bag fillers
Rainbow unicorn squishy toy cute and colourful
Unicorn squishy cute collectable, gift idea
Cute and colourful rainbow unicorn squishy
Unicorn squishies collectables
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Unicorn Squishy Stress Reducer Cute Rainbow Colours

Squishies are the latest craze on the block and kids are going crazy for these cute collectables! Originating from Japan this fad is bound to stick around for a while. The squishy is a reinvention of the stress ball, but are softer and more 'Kawaii' meaning cute in Japanese - and wait they are scented too! Great to hang off school bags and mobile phones! And this one we have here is super 'kawaii!'

This is a lovely design featuring one of the cutest and most colourful unicorns around! It has a fabulous mane of multi-coloured rainbow hair, with colours of pinks, turquoise, lilac, and a golden yellow! Its body is pure white but has the most beautifully contrasting pink hooves! If I were a unicorn- I'd wish to look just like this one!

Squishies are make great gift ideas for kids or adults. Would be perfect for stocking fillers, secret santa gifts, reward chart gifts, exam congratulation gifts, or birthday presents! You can throw it, hit it, squeeze it, and it ascends slowly easing away your stress and anxiety!


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