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Amazing Unicorn Rocking Horses That Rock!

Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have long been one of the most wished for child's toy on Santa's Christmas List, and recently they have had a bit of a makeover! With the increasing popularity of unicorns amongst children and adults these two magnificent creatures have combined forces, and there is a new must have item on the block- let us introduce you to the unicorn rocking horse!

Unicorn Rockers and Rocking Horses 

Unicorn rockers and rocking horses combine all of the elements that children love in the traditional style rocking horses but they have a sprinkling of magical unicorn added! These unicorn rockers and rocking horses are the perfect way to engage a child's imagination, let their thoughts run free and allow them to enter a world of make believe!

Unicorn Rocking Horse

Rockers and rocking horses also have a number of hidden benefits to a child's development that you might not be aware of. 

Children learn to develop a sense of balance whilst rocking back and forth on a rocking toy. They also develop the muscles in their legs as they push themselves back and forth, and fine tune their motor skills whilst holding onto the handles. All of these movements combined promote co-ordination of the child's limbs that are all working hard together at the same time.

Notably rocking toys are particularly good sensory toys for child who are autistic as they help promote a sense of calm in the child. 


Rocking horses are also great for stimulating a child's senses and creativity. They are able to engage in a imaginary world, where they could be riding their horse across a field, or flying their unicorn across the sky! They are also objects that can take on more than a toy status and become 'pets' that they enjoy talking to, cuddling and feeding as if a 'real' animal!

We have found some of our favourite Unicorn rockers and rocking horses to share with you that we hope you will love as much as us! To view our full collections of unicorn rocking horses and rockers click here and unicorn ride on's click here!

Perfect Unicorn Rockers For Toddlers 

We love this gorgeous Labebe Unicorn Rocker, designed for children from 1 years old up to 3. It features a beautifully soft plush pink finish, which feels lovely to touch, and we adore the two tone pink and white colours used. The metallic gold unicorn horn and wings perfectly completes the magical look of this cute rocker, making this design really stand out from others on the market. Safety with children's toys are always all important, and what is particularly well thought out with this rocker is the padded seat that it has with safety harness. The seat gives the young child a solid base with padded sides that comfortably support the child's balance and hold them in place whilst on the rocker. The harness is an added safety feature that gives peace of mind to support the child whilst rocking.

This lovely design will capture your child's imagination whilst providing reassuring comfort to parents regarding its safety. A fantastic design! 


If all over pink isn't your thing then perhaps you'd prefer this cute design from HOMCOM. This beautiful design is a classic galloping unicorn. It features a soft white plush body, with flashes of hot pink mane, tail, horn and fluffy padded seat. 

Again like the Labebe rocker, this one also has a padded seat with a high back to ensure safety, comfort and security for your little one as they rock to and fro.  

This rocker has the lovely added feature of a musical button which is found within the ear of the unicorn, that plays a soft lullaby when pressed to enhance the magic of this beautiful design. 

This rocker is designed for children from the ages of 18 months and upwards. We love the timeless feel this unicorn rocker has.

Beautiful Unicorn Rocking Horses For Children 

Who says unicorns are only ever pink? Well not so in this beautiful blue, grey and silver design from brand Little Bird Told Me, with their Moonbeam & Rae Rocking Unicorn. This design is refreshingly unique on the market with the blue colour palette, with many other designs opting for pink as their primary colour. We love that this rocking unicorn would appeal to boys and girls in equal amounts.

This magical beast is named Moonbeam and comes with its trusty companion Rae Bear who is tucks gently beside the unicorn, we think this is such a lovely added addition that children will love as they enjoy their adventures together!

The fabric on this rocking horse is beautiful, it has clusters of silver stars against a pale blue background. The mane, saddle and tail are made from a soft chenille, all in all  this makes this unicorn rocking horse feel so unique and special. The wooden frame is painted in grey to match the colour palette, this design is really a stand out from all of the others on the market with nothing that comes close in design. 

This age range for this toy is from 9 months upwards.

If this is being brought as a present, it also comes with a beautifully presented display box, with carry handles! If you love this design but do want something more traditionally 'girly' then you'll be pleased to know this also comes in a pink version too. 

This toy would really look lovely in any interior, a living room, nursery, playroom or child's bedroom to compliment your decor.

This unicorn rocking horse from Deuba has perfectly combined the elements of a traditional rocking horse and given it that sprinkle of unicorn magic! This product is suitable from the age of 3 years upwards, so aimed more at the preschooler than toddler.

This soft, padded unicorn has a magnificent body of white plush fur, that is just calling out for a cuddle. It has an almost luminous pink tail, mane and fluffy feet, with a beautiful pink saddle, and stirrups. It has a sparkling glittery horn, and ear that plays galloping and neighing when pressed.This rocking horse is every little girls dream, one that will really capture their imagination and transport them into a faraway magical universe!

Amazing Unicorn Ride On's For Kids

Who said that Unicorns need to be confined to just rocking to and fro? These amazing toys bring fantasy to life and allow your child to move around and ride on their magical friends! This colourful and playful little unicorn is suitable for children 4-6 years. Whats more the child creates the movement themselves using a leg motion to power the unicorn along, an added bonus of exercise for child at the same time that they are playing- with no batteries required!

This beautiful unicorn can be rode both indoors and outdoors making this toy very versatile. With its rainbow coloured hair and soft white body, this is a real wow factor of a present for any child who are sure to be amazed and excited by it all at the same time! We absolutely love love love this cute unicorn ride! 


Here's another ride on unicorn design to transport you into your imagination! This design comes in a couple of different variations, both in terms of the colourways and the ages it is suitable from. This pink and white version is so pretty, as is the white and gold version. Like the ride on above this is powered the same way, and uses the child's weight to bounce up and down on the saddle to make the unicorn 'gallop' stimulating the action of riding a real horse.

This toy has a really sweet feature which we really love- it includes a leather ID card for your unicorn, so your child can officially name it, like a pet. Such a lovely idea!

If your a big kid at heart and don't want the children to be having all the fun- why not buy this unicorn ride on toy- its suitable from children aged 6 years to adult! Now that truly is the dream! This is definitely going on my Christmas wish list! 


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