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How To Make The Perfect Christmas Eve Box - With A Unicorn Twist!

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve boxes are rising each year in popularity with families across the World- but what are the perfect items to include to create the perfect Christmas Eve treat for your family? In this blog we have put together our must have items to make yours truly magical- all with a unicorn twist of course (as it not just about the reindeers at Christmas!)

Firstly on our must have list- is the special Christmas eve box itself of course! There are a number of different lovely choices to choose from, including  wooden boxes, chests, cardboard boxes and personalised designs which include your name of choice! Something to consider when purchasing your Christmas eve box, is to think about what items you will be adding to it, so you can choose the size to suit your needs. 

We really love this beautiful pastel coloured Christmas Eve Box from the makers Santa Express.



These pastel pinks, whites and silvers look really Christmassy and pretty, and make a perfect box for a little girl. 


Something we highly recommend to include in Christmas eve boxes are a selection of activity books and colouring books that the kids can enjoy throughout the day. These always go down really well in our household, and have proved successful year after year! 

Our kids always love an activity book in their Christmas eve box. The novelty of having a new fun book to draw or colour in helps keep them amused, as well as providing some quieter calm time, amongst the chaos and excitement of the day. There are some fantastic books with a range of fun colouring pages, word searches, spot the differences, and crosswords! 

Another great item to include in your Christmas eve box is a fun game for all of the family to enjoy together. We personally love this one whereby you wear an inflatable unicorn horn hat in your head, and everyone attempts to throw the inflatable rings onto the horn. 


This game induces lots of giggles and provides entertainment for hours as each person attempts to hoop the horn! This game is great to play throughout Christmas and beyond with other family members, throughout the festive season!


Our next must have item to include in your Christmas eve box is a new pair of snuggly pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve ready for the big morning ahead! In our house we like to get in our pyjamas early in the evening after having a lovely bubble bath ready for a fun family night ahead! 

We love these cute unicorn pyjama's. The pink design makes this the perfect pair for girls who are mad about unicorns! This fun design features multiple unicorns on the bottoms and a big unicorn on the top surrounded by flowers and stars! These are the perfect all year round pyjama's and would look just as good to wear in the summer as they do in winter. Also don't forget to include some warm fluffy socks too for that extra bit of comfort and snuggle!

Bath bombs are another great item to include in your Christmas Eve box, to make bath time even more fun before snuggling down in your new pyjamas. This magical unicorn bath fizzer and mini toy is perfect for kids who will love seeing the magical heart fizz away revealing a cute unicorn toy at the end- both practical and fun this ones a winner in our eyes!


No Christmas eve is complete without snacks - so lastly our top tip for creating the perfect Christmas eve box is to include some sweets and chocolate of course!


Indulge as you sit back and watch some festive films on tv, snuggled up with loved ones, as you wait patiently for Father Christmas to come and visit! 

After the little ones are in bed, tucked up ready and waiting for Father Christmas, its time for the adults to relax, put your feet up and do it in style with one of these delicious unicorn gins before Christmas commences! Happy Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas


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