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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Magical Unicorn Make Up

This last year has seen our unicorn obsession reach giddy new heights with one of beauties biggest trends- yes you guessed it Unicorn Beauty!

Our obsession with all things glittery, pastels and holographic have translated into our everyday beauty, nail and hair products. Festivals across the world including the infamous Coachella have seen festival-goers rocking unicorn inspired makeup, and unicorn hair, with celebrities such as Little Mix, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner leading the way with this trend!

Unicorn Make Up Glitter

Make up brands have seen potential in our unicorn obsession by creating whole collections based on our love for all things unicorn. This trend reached nothing short of hysteria with many brands selling out even before the product reached our shelves!

Unicorn Make Up Trend

Glitter is a massive component of the unicorn trend look. These tubs of glittery deliciousness can be used on your eyes, face, lips and hair! It's so versatile for those music festivals in the summer when you don't want to take an entire suitcase full of make-up as one tiny pot can work so hard and create such a cool effect!


This beauty trend perfectly encapsulates our love of all things unicorn with rainbow coloured, holographic pastel shades, sparkles and glitter-we love this look! In stark contrast to the other big beauty trend of 'barely there', this unicorn inspired beauty means that you can never have too much shimmer or sparkle!

                  Unicorn inspired make up       

With everything from iridescent make-up brushes, eye shadows, lipsticks and high-lighters all now readily available on the high street, what are you waiting for?


Vogue magazine seems to think that this trend is here to stay into Spring/ Summer 2018, here's what they had to say: 

" Get The Glitter Bug

 If there was one beauty trend that truly dominated all four fashion weeks, it was make-up artists' obsession with all things sparkly, shimmery and shiny. Glittery eyelids were on show at Topshop Undercover and Stella Jean, whilst stick-on gems, jewels and rhinestones stole the show(s) at Dries Van Noten, Jeremy Scott and Givenchy. There were even glitter lips at Shrimps. Spring/summer 2018 is all about sparkle."  

                                                     Vogue make up trend 2018

We see this beauty trend as so versatile that you can wear day to day to add a little sparkle to your 9- 5 job and them vamp up on the glitter steaks when out for a night! 

Go ahead channel your inner unicorn! #bemoreunicorn                                       

Want to see how to create a look for yourself? Take a watch of this You Tube make up tutorial for some tips- hope you enjoy!



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