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DIY Unicorn Slime

How To Make Unicorn Slime

So we all know slime is amazing- but have you ever tried making slime yourself? This is even more AMAZING!!! 

This is a super easy and fun activity that you can do with children at home- its cheap to make, and combines elements of science and sensory play all in to one big ball of gooey colourful mess! And, after all the fun making it they then have a fab ball of slime to play with too! Hours of entertainment!

There are various different ingredients and techniques you can use to make smile and with lots and lots of colours- so you will never need to tire of this activity!

We love this video by Gillian Bower who shows us how easy it is to create Unicorn Glitter slime! Take a watch and see what you think!


In Gillian's video she uses an ingredient called Borax. Borax is a cleaning product and so can be a mild irritant on the hands- so always use gloves and make sure your hands are washed thoroughly throughout (and of course always supervise children when using this ingredient!)

There are however many other really easy ways to make slime without use of borax that are also super easy and fun. Safe ingredients to make gloopy slime include food products such as potato starch, sugar, food colouring, shaving foam, glitter, and washing up liquid.

We love another of Gillian's fab DIY tutorials for easy to make slime without borax. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:


  • Half a cup of Elmer's Clear School Glue
  • Half a cup of warm water
  • Half a teaspoon of baking soda
  • Colourful glitter and stars
  • Contact lense solution


  1. Add half a cup of clear glue to a bowl
  2. In a separate glass jug, add half a cup of warm water
  3. Add the baking soda to the water
  4. Mix together until the baking soda has dissolved
  5. Pour the jug into the bowl of glue
  6. Mix all together
  7. Then take whatever glitter or sequins you like, and add as much as you wish to make your sparkly creation
  8. Pour in a tiny bit of contact solution into the mixture and stir
  9. Keep adding tiny amounts of contact solution until your goo reaches your desired consistency
  10. Take it out the bowl and start working with your hands to make the perfect slime


Easy peasy right? But guess what- we've found something which makes things even easier! We find Elmers glue the best product to use when making our slime as its washable, safe, non-toxic so all round kid- friendly. They have created a started kit for making your own slime which includes both the glue needed and the glitter glue. Super convenient!  

If you love the thought of unicorn slime but don't want to buy all of the parts separately then no worries- we have another great suggestion for you!

There are a number of fab unicorn slime kits out there, that combine everything you could possibly need to create hundreds of different slime combinations. These amazing kits come with literally everything you need, from the glues, the colouring, glitters, beads, scents, borax, to name but a few ingredients! This makes this kit not only really good value for money, but super easy as you know you have everything you need in one handy box! They make ideal birthday and Christmas presents for any girl or boy! We have a huge range of different kits in our shop take a look HERE for more unicorn slime kits.