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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Interior Projects

Perhaps you've already stumbled across Amina Mucciolo before on Instagram or You Tube? Self proclaimed 'Unicorn, Artist & Entrepreneur(we have to put this in colourful fonts as this is totally what she'd want!) is the epitome of all things bright, colourful and happy! Her Instagram account is littered with amazing pictures from her home and her life which are as colourful and spectacular as her braids! We are obsessed!! 


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 In her You Tube video she shows how she turns her fairly typical living space into a rainbow hued colour extravagancer. She has some fab DIY tips for colourful living that you are sure to love! 

WOW WOW and WOW!!!! We just don't have the words...............

Love what Amina has done in her home? In the following You Tube videos she shows us how she created some of the fab statements in her home that make is so unique and special! Dare to try yourself?

These videos just make us want to go and redecorate our entire homes! We love tassel garlands and can see these working in any room.

Not as daring as Amina yet? You can still create your perfect unicorn oasis using a more subtle approach . Perhaps its the colour you choose on the wall, maybe you like pastels so you go for a pale pink, turquoise, or purple?  Textiles play a big part in the feel of a room, so maybe its a funky unicorn bedding set with some colourful pastel cushions and curtains, or even a cool rug to bring out some of the colours in the duvet? Accessories also really define the look of a room why not customise a storage box using paints and glitter? The ideas are endless......lets get crafting!