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Unicorn Colouring In

We are crazy about unicorns here at 'All Things Unicorn' so we couldn't resist sharing with you some fun unicorn images that you can save to print out for a fun colouring in activity with your children that will help keep them amused for a little while!

Unicorn Kids Colouring InColouring in is a great activity for children with lots of hidden benefits to stimulate and provide an opportunity to learn whilst having fun at the same time.

Colouring In is great for kids in the following ways:

1) It helps children develop the all important hand strength that is vital.

2) It enables practice of the pincer grip which is needed for writing.

3) It supports hand eye co-ordination.

4) Using different coloured pencils and crayons are a great way to practice learning the colours with your child, allowing them to name them as they use them. 

5) Sitting down to colour in allows the child to have some quiet time encouraging focus onto one activity, developing patience and providing some relaxation.

6) Colouring in supports development of fine motor skills. This is developed by the child strengthening muscles used in their wrists, hands and fingers- this in turn helps a child write and manipulate tiny objects in a better way.

7) Allows creativity to flourish. Through the use of different colours a child can express their creativity through colour, and introduce them to seeing things in an aesthetic way- how certain colours look together, the difference between light and dark colours.

8) Sitting down to colour something in can be a very relaxing and therapeutic activity for a child. The concentration needed can give a sense of calm and allow them to engage in their imagination whilst colouring in the picture.

9) Learning to colour in between the lines actually teaches a child about spatial awareness and boundaries. It helps them to understand the boundaries of space inside the lines, the shapes and the patterns and forms of the drawings.

10) Colouring something in can give a child a sense of achievement at the end- they have something solid at the end for their hard work that they can show others in order to be proud of something they have done.

The 3 Best Websites For FREE Unicorn Printable Colouring Pages

Print these fabulous unicorn images for your child today so you can enjoy this fun and educational activity of colouring in- in a few easy steps!

No.1 - Supercoloring.com

This is our favourite choice for finding printable unicorn colouring pages. We really love this site because it has a lovely selection of free unicorn drawings and there's something for everyone here regardless of age - from simple drawings for younger children right through to advanced drawings for adults. The website itself is easy to navigate it's really simple to print a picture to colour by hand (Just click the Print it button). Another thing that really sets this site apart from the rest is that it offers the option to colour in online (Just click the Color Online button) . So if you're out and about with the children or taking a long drive then will be able to do some colouring on the go on a tablet. 



No.2 - Printcolorfun.com

100+ magical unicorn coloring pages to help keep children entertained for hours on end. Full of fun unicorn drawings that can be printed with ease. Whether you're looking for a unicorn on a cloud, a unicorn jumping over a rainbow, or even a unicorn standing on a cupcake - you will find it here. Drawings to suit various difficulty levels for children of all ages. 



No.3 - Justcolor.net

Another great site with plenty of cute unicorn colouring pages for children of all ages as well as some more advanced pictures for teens and adults. It's easy to print and download the images, you just simply select the image you would like to colour and then hit the print button. Images include, unicorn rainbows, unicorn castles and unicorns with wings. There's also plenty of other animals to colour if you were to get through all of the unicorns.


It's time to have some fun let the colouring commence!