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These Unicorn Bikes Are Amazing!

Unicorn Bikes 

Whether it be for a Birthday or for Christmas, undoubtedly one of the best presents a child could hope to receive is a bike. Picking the right one for them can be daunting job sometimes, so we have put together a review of our favourite unicorn themed bikes for you! This means you can easily compare the specifications of them, and decide what one might be right for your little one! 

Finding the correct size bike for your child

Finding the right size for your child is all important when choosing a bike. If you go for a bike that is either too big or one that is too small it is likely that they will find balancing and control of the bike difficult. Therefore picking the correct size wheel for the child's height is the most important factor.

We have a made a simple and easy guide for choosing the correct size for your child. All you need to do it measure their height to see which one would suit them best.

Unicorn Bike Sizes

Once you know what size wheels you are after- the fun begins! 

Dino Bike Unicorn, Pink & White

This unicorn range from the makers Dino Bikes come in a variety of different wheel sizes and frames, catering from 24 months upwards. Undoubtedly we think this bike is one of the best unicorn themed girls bike on the market.

We absolutely love the hot pink wheels and handle bars and the white frame  which features cute rainbow unicorn decals really makes this one of the most eye catching designs out there!

We really love the cute feature of the dolls seat on the back of the bike, and the unicorn bike basket at the front. This is a lovely feature that not many bikes come with, and these items are usually purchased as additional extras - which makes this bike really good value for money. 

The Unicorn Dino Bike range has wheel sizes of 10", 12", 14", 16" catering from children age of 24 months - up until age 7 approx. 

This bike is perfect for children who are first learning to ride a bike, as it comes with removable stabilisers. This means the bike is able to grow and adapt with your child as they become more confident.


The pneumatic tyres have spooked wheels and mudguards

Front & Rear Brakes

Freewheeling real wheel

Removable stabilisers

Adjustable saddle

Adjustable handlebars

Reviews on Amazon of this bike rate it highly across the board, so I hope you'd agree that is one really special bike!

Schwinn Mythic 18" Smartstart Girls Bike Unicorn Design 

This bike from makers Schwinn is another really eye catching and cute unicorn design. The colour pallet is much similar to the Dino Bike but this time it has a slightly more grown up appeal in its styling.

The flashes of hot pink on the rims or the wheels, and seat, the fork and pedal contrast against the white of the wheels and frame. The frame and kickstand feature a cute and subtle unicorn design, which I think would appeal to the age group that would be riding this size of bike. I also love the colour pops of coral on the handlebars, and really love the feature of the multicoloured tassels on the handle bars- you would be sure to stand out riding this cute bike!

Schwinn boosts that their SmartStart geometry bike are one of the first bikes made to fit a child's proportions. This means that the bike is designed specifically for the comfort of the child. A lighter bike frame for example, which offers your child increased control and stability, and narrower pedal positions to match a child's smaller hips. Other children's bike are often shrunken down versions of adults bikes, but this smart bike with the SmartStart geometry ensures less wobble as everything as been tailored specifically to the child.

This bike comes with its own handlebar basket, which is just perfect for slipping a water bottle in for when your out riding and get thirsty or your favourite toy to come on an adventure with you! 

We love that the bike incorporates safety reflectors and a bell, making this an essential safety feature. 


Wheel Size 18 Inches

 SmartStart Geometry offers greater control & stability 

Safety reflectors & bell

Chain guard & Handlebar Pad

Handlebar Basket


Bar End Tassels

We really love the design and special SmartStart features of this bike, making this another really good solid choice as a purchase.

Bikestar Balance Bike Pink Unicorn

Balance bikes are the perfect way to introduce your child to a bike. Often also referred to as toddler bikes, they are bikes without stabilisers, pedals or sometimes brakes. They rely on the child learning the art of balancing- therefore not needing stabilisers, or nor needing them when they progress onto a bigger bike. They begin to learn the art of balancing before they need to learn how to pedal and brake.



This super cute design comes from the German brand BikeStar. We love the pastel pink colour with cream wheels and handlebars. We think this colour combination gives this balance bike the edge in terms of design over lots of others, making it look expensive with a real retro vibe!

The bike comes with 10" air tyres, perfect for toddlers who are mobile and want to be on the move but aren't quite tall enough for the next stage yet!

The company describes the ergonomic saddle as giving a high level of comfort to the rider, and the wheels as providing a smooth rolling ride.

The steel frame makes this balance bike can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and is almost indestructible which is great as we all know how testing children can be with their toys! This balance bike is equipped with brakes which as an added safety feature would help put many parents minds at rest.

This balance bike comes with fantastic reviews on Amazon from parents of the users who all comment on its quality, all in all a fantastic, well built, great design, unicorn balance bike.

If you want to view more amazing unicorn bikes and balance bikes, take a look at our collection here for more to buy! 



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