A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Earrings

Here you will find the largest range of unicorn earrings on the web! Whether you're looking for plush silver, gold, white gold, glittery or colourful unicorn earrings you will be sure to find them here! An amazing Christmas Gift or Birthday Present Idea or Valentines Day Treat for any girl or women. We hope you enjoy browsing our amazing selection!

Unicorn Earrings For Kids

Here at all things unicorn we have brought together the finest selection of unicorn earrings available to order online in the UK. Whilst you can find unicorn earrings in shops on the highstreet, you will find a much better selection from the web! In this collection we have put together over 50 unicorn earrings for unicorn loving kids, girls and children. The most popular kids unicorn earrings are the studded versions but we also have other options available for special occasions such as birthdays, dancing, parties and Christmas. There are so many to choose from and they are all just so stunning with the unique unicorn theme. Whether you're looking for silver earrings, gold earrings, or just accessory earrings, then you are sure to find the perfect set right here at all things unicorn - the UK's largest unicorn shop. 

Silver Unicorn Earrings

Whilst we have a large number of unicorn earrings made from a wide range of materials, the majority of them are sterling silver and are marked with the official 925 sterling silver mark. Silver earrings are trending ahead of the others at this moment in time, with silver leading the way in the market. There is a fine selection for children, girls, teenagers and adults - we dont discriminate here at all things unicorn! So enjoy browsing through the collection and be sure to find the ideal set for you, or someone who will be receiving them as a gift.

Gold Unicorn Earrings

Gold unicorn earrings are not as easy to come across as the silver ones. So if you've checked out the shopping centres and high streets and still couldn't find what you were looking for then take a deep breath and get ready to find a lovely selection of gold unicorn earrings. Whether you are looking for real gold carat unicorn earrings or just simply gold plated unicorn earrings, you will enjoy the selection that we have on offer. Gold or Silver? It comes down to the personal choice and most girls tend to wear one or the other. It's rare to see silver and gold mixed, but when it comes to unicorns and the colours on show then it becomes possible to mix and match in ways that other themes cannot. 

Unicorn Earrings in Gift Box

If you're looking to buy unicorn earrings a lovely birthday, christmas, or a suprise gift for a loved one or friend, then the chances are that you would probably like them to be in a nice gift box to really amplify the excitement when they come to opening it. Therefore, you will pleased to know that many of the earrings available comes either boxed, or supplied in a gift box for you. You can find images of the gift boxes that come with each set on the actual product page, once you have found the ones that you like.