A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Rugs

Discover and enjoy our magical hand-picked collection of unicorn rugs, designed to be the heart of a unicorn themed room. We have unicorn rugs for a bedroom, nursery, play room or even your even your living room!

Unicorn Themed Rugs

Unicorn Wool Rugs

One of the most popular types of rugs. The wool rug stands out as a natural fibre rug that is traditionally put together through one of the following methods: handwoven, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, or hand-loomed. Nowadays you can also find machine made wool rugs but these do not tend to be made from real wool and instead have synthetic fibres. You can expect to pay more money for a real wool rug due to the amount of work that goes into production. Wool rugs are ideal for areas with a high footfall such as a bedroom, living room or hallway. 

Unicorn Rugs For Girls Bedroom

It goes without say the most likely place in the home to find a unicorn rug is within a child's bedroom. Unicorns are trending high and unicorn bedrooms have become the number one theme in recent years overtaking Disney themed bedrooms! As a theme in general the unicorn offers a wide array of colours which allows you to integrate a wide range of accessories with relative ease. The bedroom is becoming a fun place for kids and more time is being spent on interior design within the home than ever before. Almost all of the unicorn rugs that you will find on our website are suitable for bedrooms, so shop away and make sure that you find the perfect one for your little one.

Round Unicorn Rugs

Round / Circular rugs are more popular than ever before and you will find a great selection of round and circular rugs right here on all things unicorn. The benefits of opting for a round rug are as follows: they creatively offset the natural linear angle of walls, doors, beds, chest of drawers and most furniture items. It softens a space and creates a more personal feel. They also help to create a designer feel within a room and are a great way to open up the space and make a room feel larger. They offer the opportunity to create focal points within a room and create a sense of cosiness.Round area rug

Square Unicorn Rugs

Square unicorn rugs are still today hard to come by in the correct dimensions. Many people end up going for a circular rug as an alternative as these are easier to purchase. Let's hope that the manufacturers can pull then socks up and offer us some more square rugs in the very near future!

Unicorn Rugs 140x200cm, 120x180cm

Rectangular shaped rugs are the most common size of rugs, with the most popular size (other than a round rug) for a smaller sized bedroom being 140x200cm. There's plenty to choose from in this category so you should no problem in finding the perfect rug. The 120x180cm size tends to be a little bit harder to find but there is also a reasonably good selection of these available as well. 

Unicorn Rugs 170x240cm

Perfect for a medium sized bedroom, whereby a large area of floor space will be created into a cosy and comfortable space for your little one to relax, play, read books and have plenty of fun. The 170x240cm size is a popular size in the UK when it comes to rectangular rugs, with the prominent areas being within a living room, bedroom and a dining room. Why are rectangular rugs so popular? It stems from our desire within to keep everything uniform. Rectangular rugs follow the natural linear lines within a room and are therefore the easiest to integrate. 

Personalised Unicorn Rugs

Add a special touch your little one's bedroom with a personalised unicorn rug. Personalised rugs are most often found as a wilton style machine made rug. There are many available on the market currently but we do have one which features embroidery.