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Make Your Own Unicorn Gloop

Unicorn Gloop

If you're looking for something fun to try at home with your kids then we have the perfect suggestion- Unicorn Gloop! This easy to make recipe guarantees lots of fun and mess in equal measure, making this the perfect messy play activity for children! 

What's created with this gloop recipe is a curious and interesting mixture, with a unique texture unlike anything else. The gloop becomes both a solid substance and a liquid one at the same time! 

This is a great sensory experience for children who will learn about different sensations of touch. It provides a good opportunity  for the child to describe the sensations using descriptive words that they might not have used before, as they learn to mould and squish this curious mixture!

Unicorn Gloop


1 cup of water 

2 cups of cornflour

Food colouring 

Glitter, sequins or charms (Optional)

What You Will Need: 

Aprons or protective clothing for the children 

A plastic container (like an old ice cream tub) or a plastic bowl

A covered surface; a table with a wipe able table cloth or a space outside that can be cleaned down


Make Your Own Unicorn Gloop Reciepe

How To Create Unicorn Gloop 

Step 1:

Measure out 1 cup of water to 2 parts corn flour

Step 2:

Add cornflour and water to a bowl or container 

How To Make Your Own Unicorn Gloop Recipe

Step 3: 

How To Make Unicorn Gloop Recipe

 Stir the mixture around using your hand to mix the 2 ingredients together 

How To Make Unicorn Gloop Recipe

How To Make Unicorn Gloop Recipe

Step 4:

Add your preferred colour of choice using food colouring. We love pastel colours like our favourite unicorns so here we have used pink food colouring for our gloop recipe.  

How To Make Unicorn Gloop Recipe

How To Make Unicorn Gloop Recipe

Step 5: 

Add glitter, sequins, or charms to your gloop to give it another interesting texture and appearance and add a little unicorn magic!

How To Make Unicorn Gloop Recipe

Your child can enjoy the sensation of this fun gloop substance, letting it run between their fingers! When the mixture is touched it appears solid in its form, and can be moulded with your hands, but as soon it is picked up it becomes wet and slips easily through your fingers! It is a great form of stress release.

Talking through this activity with your child as your experience it together can allow conversation around how it feels to touch, do they like the feeling? How would they describe it? 

This is a brilliant activity that can be enjoyed again and again, and is both easy and cheap to do.