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Chapter 4 - The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn

Copyright © Author: Susan Harris 20.01.2018

Chapter 4.

A few days later Lucy wondered where her friend was, she hadn’t seen him at the park or at the stream so she decided to go and find him, he wasn’t at home and he wasn’t playing on his bike….. finally she found him, under the apple tree, reading a book.

“Hi Albie” said Lucy, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere, do you want to come and play? We could go and visit Mavis and Betty.”

“I’m staying out of trouble” replied Albie, quite happy reading his book in peace, “that place is dangerous; we almost got eaten by chickens and found out by giants!”

So, Lucy went home for her lunch, her mum had prepared her a lovely sandwich and a slice of cake for afters which got her thinking about her new friends.

In one swift movement she’d packed her sandwich and cake into her lunchbox and was heading out the door.

“Wont be long” she shouted out to her mum who was busy upstairs.

And off she trotted, past the stream, through the cornfield, over the hedge and finally came to the fence where she saw the chink of light immediately and squeezed herself through in to the garden.

She stood just inside the garden with her tail against the fence, amongst the tall flowers and listened, she couldn’t hear any voices, she couldn’t see any children and so she inched her way forward to the edge of the flower bed, to the left she could see the pond and to the right she could see the chicken run.

“Co-ee” she heard a familiar voice “we’re over here!”

As she looked around she could see Betty and Mavis scratching the soil around the back of the shed, busily looking for food.

Lucy slowly stepped out of the flower bed onto the grass and gingerly made her way over to them.

“Is anyone else around today?” she asked, checking the back of the house for signs of people. It looked as though all the windows and doors were closed so hopefully there wouldn’t be any sudden surprises like last time.

“No, everyone’s out for the day” called Mavis “they’ve taken the children to the park.”

Phew, thought Lucy she really didn’t want to bump into the boy again.

“I’ve brought my lunch to share with you” said Lucy opening her lunchbox and showing them the big slice of cake she’d wrapped up very carefully.

“Oh you are a good girl” said Betty “we don’t get many crumbs when the children are here in the summertime” she grumbled.

So, they all sat on the grass and ate Lucy’s lunch, Lucy told the sisters what had happened on her last visit with Albie.

“He’s too scared to come now” she said.

“Well that is odd” said Mavis “George must have wondered what was going on, sounds like you disappeared in a puff of smoke” she laughed.

“And little Molly doesn’t really bring her toys down this end of the garden, poor George must have thought he was seeing things.”

They sat and chatted for ages and the two chickens told Lucy all about the family that lived in the house, there was grandpa and nanna, their daughter Lisa lived nearby and when it was school holidays they looked after their grandchildren George and Molly.

“Well thank you for a lovely afternoon” said Lucy jumping up “I really must get home now.”

“Ooh thank you for the cake” said Betty and Mavis “tell Albie to come next time, he’ll be safe with us!”

As Lucy made her way home she thought about what Mavis had said about them disappearing in a puff of smoke, well there wasn’t any smoke but there was an odd tingle, she needed to speak to Albie……

When she got back to the glade Albie was still sitting under the tree, reading his book.

“Bet I can guess where you’ve been” he said, standing up and rubbing his behind “I’ve got a numb bum” he moaned.

“Well that’ll teach you to be idle” laughed Lucy “and yes I’ve been to see Mavis and Betty and we’ve had a lovely afternoon chatting and eating cake.”

“Really?” asked Albie “you didn’t get eaten or carted off by the giants?”

“Well of course not, I’m here aren’t I” laughed Lucy.

“Okaaay” said Albie “maybe I’ll come with you next time.”

The two little unicorns walked home discussing when they would next go and visit the garden, after all what could possibly go wrong…

Copyright © Author: Susan Harris 20.01.2018

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