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The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn - Chapter 2

Copyright © Author:Susan Harris 20.01.2018

Chapter 2.

The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn

As it was the middle of the school holidays the unicorn children still had a few weeks left to enjoy.

Lucy decided to go and knock for Albie and apologise for throwing her apple at him, she’d had breakfast and asked her mum if it was okay to go and play with Albie.

“Come on then” she said “let me show you.”

Albie didn’t take much persuading and his mum gave them both a slice of cake wrapped up in tissue for their elevenses.

You’ll wear yourself out, you two, playing on those swings all day, his mum had laughed at them.

And so they ran, all the way, past the stream and the cornfield, over the hedge, through the long grass until they got to the trees.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this far” said Albie, out of breath from all that galloping.

 Well, Lucy searched and searched for the gap in the fence but couldn’t find it.

 “It was here! Really! Here somewhere!”

They both wandered up and down but couldn’t see the gap. Just as they were about to give up and go home Lucy spotted the chink of light.

“Yes” she cried “here it is.”

She gently pushed her nose onto the loose fence panel and it swayed aside to let them in.

“I’m not going in there if those hens are about!” said Albie. “No way!”

“Ok let me have a look first” said Lucy as she squeezed through the gap.

It was very quiet in the garden as she tiptoed to the edge of the flower bed, she could see the empty dust bath that the hen had scratched yesterday and as she looked around there were no hens to be seen, on the far right was the chicken coop, maybe they’re in there laying their eggs thought Lucy.

“Come through” she whispered to Albie who just had his head through the gap “it’s a bit of a squeeze so breathe in.”

“You sure they’re not going to eat me!” Albie whispered back.

"Come on!” Lucy whispered a bit louder.

Albie huffed and puffed and finally popped through the fence.

“Wow, just wow” said Albie as he stood at the edge of the flower bed with Lucy looking around in amazement.

“Look over there” exclaimed Albie with glee “they’ve got dandelions – enormous dandelions.”

As anyone will tell you unicorns love a nice dandelion and Albie absolutely adored them.

His fear evaporated and he trotted over to the dandelion patch, enjoying his feast.

“This is the best place ever, come on Lucy, tuck in.”

As they munched away on the dandelions they didn’t see the chicken come out of it’s coop, very happy with herself for having laid a lovely egg. But the chicken had seen them eating her favourite dandelions, she’d been saving that patch for weeks, waiting for the flowers which were her favourite part. How dare they! With head down and wings flapping she charged at them – sqwark, sqwark she shouted at them.

“Oh no, we’re going to get eaten!” screamed Albie “run!”

The two little unicorns ran as fast as they could towards the fence but the chicken was way too fast for them, as she caught them up she nudged Albie and he went flying, rolling onto the grass with his feet in the air. His lunchbox flew from around his neck and the neatly packed slice of cake smashed onto the grass and crumbs went everywhere!

“Ooh cake” said the hen “my favourite, why didn’t you tell me you had cake?” She had stopped in her tracks and was busily pecking at the crumbs. Lucy stood nearby shaking with terror but quickly took her slice of cake and offered it to the hen too.

“You are so sweet” said the hen “I was very cross with you eating my dandelions but I don’t mind swapping them for cake, anytime, you can come again.”

Well what with all the fuss going on the other hen popped her head out of the coop.

“Save some for me Mavis, I’ll be out in a jiffy!”

Lucy and Albie stood rooted to the spot, talking hens!? Whatever next!

“Better be quick” laughed Mavis “our visitors are very generous and this cake is delicious.”

“That’s Betty” she said, nodding over towards the coop. “She’s my sister, just laying her egg for the day.”

“So where are you two littl’uns from then?” asked Betty once she’d joined them and had eaten some of the crumbs.

“Oh, er, we’re from the Glade” stumbled Lucy “just through the fence.”

“Oh right, we had a look over there the other week but it was very dark so we haven’t bothered.”

So, that explained how the fence had been broken then.

“We hope you don’t mind us coming in, sorry, sorry” said Albie “we won’t do it again if you don’t eat us.”

“Eat you!” exclaimed Mavis “we wouldn’t eat you, we just like to have a chase about.” The two sisters laughed and laughed.

“You come whenever you like, just remember to bring some of that lovely cake with you.”

“Are we friends now then?” asked Lucy, still unsure.

“Yes, yes, come whenever you like, it’ll be nice to have a bit of company.”

And so the two unicorns picked up their empty lunch boxes and said their farewells to Mavis and Betty and headed back to the fence.

They made their way back to the stream talking non-stop all the way about what a fantastic discovery they had made and what unusual friends they had made too. They stopped off at the park where Lucy’s mum was pushing Mia on the swings.

“Here’s Lucy” her mum said to Mia “she can look after you this afternoon while I get some shopping done.”

“Right I’m off home, I’ve had quite a day!” said Albie.

“Okay, see you tomorrow then” replied Lucy.

They’d decided on their way home they would definitely go back the next day…


Copyright © Author:Susan Harris 20.01.2018

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