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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Curtains

Unicorn curtains available to buy online. Perfect for a childrens / adults bedroom or nursery. Whether you're looking for curtains that will go on a pole, eyelet curtains or pencil pleat curtains for a track then you've come to the right place. A great range of unicorn themed curtains to finish off your stylish interior designs and make that room look really magical for you or your little one!

Unicorn Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are the most common type of curtain heading, offering a tidy finish and complimenting almost any interior decorations. The pencil pleat heading allows for almost any weight of fabric to be used. Most pencil pleat curtains are suitable for both curtain poles and curtain tracks making them a versatile choice for the many people. Originally pencil pleat curtains were mostly hung from curtain tracks using clips which fix onto the heading tape. They offer the possibility to set the clips as close together, or as far apart as one desires. Therefore giving the option to create multiple gathering effects. In order to use this type of curtain on a pole you can buy curtain rings which can be clipped onto the heading tape.

Unicorn Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are purpose built and designed to fit on a pole. The curtain rings are built into the top of the curtain so that they can slide through a curtain pole with ease. There is no need to use any clips with these curtains and they give a finish which rises above the curtain pole itself. 

Unicorn Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains are similar to eyelet curtains in that they are designed specifically to fit on a curtain pole and are easy to attach. Instead of built in curtain rings you have tabs which allow a pole to slot through. They create a different finish and give a room a different feel to that of an eyelet headed curtain.

Unicorn Slot Top / Rod Pocket Curtains

These are the most simplistic of all curtains and again are designed to fit on a pole. There is a slot / sleeve which runs the entire width at the top of the curtain which is easy to slide a pole through. 

Unicorn Matching Curtain / Duvet Cover Bed Sets

If you're planning a new bedroom featuring some stunning unicorn curtains then why not find some that come with matching duvet covers to really finish it off. Many of the curtains on this page are available as a matching set, but if you would prefer to mix it up a bit then why not check out our bed sets.

Unicorn Blackout Curtains

If you're wanting to keep the light out then blackout curtains are the perfect way to do so. Blackout curtains can be your best friend in the summer months when you have small children who are sensitive to the light, and see the morning light as time to wake up (even if that may be at 5am). They also assist in helping young children to fall to sleep easier and can help to keep a room cooler for longer.