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Top 10 Unicorn Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Hat with names

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For a Unicorn Loving Work Colleague

Love or hate it- secret Santa is a long established tradition that never fails to raise some laughs and bring some festive cheer into the workplace, or amongst friends! If you were the person to pull out the name of someone who loves unicorns, then you really did get lucky this year as we’ve designed this site to help you find the perfect Secret Santa gift for your unicorn loving work colleague!

Funny or Serious Secret Santa Gift For Your Unicorn Loving Co-worker?

If you consider yourself to have a good sense of humour, and the person you're buying for also does then you can’t go wrong with a novelty gift or two. Unicorn lovers are so easy to buy for as there are so many cool, and quirky gifts available that they are sure to love- and wont break the bank too! The hardest thing will be choosing which gift to buy!


Secret Santa - Unicorn Toilet Paper

Some Secret Santa’s allow the buyers identity to remain private whilst other forms leave the buyer exposed. Lets be honest - in most cases everyone knows who everyone has before gift giving day actually happens! Either way it’s worth knowing "the rules" before you go too far with pushing your luck!  Unicorn toilet paper will definitely put some smiles on faces, and will go a long way in showing that you have put some effort in to think outside of the box! Yes your gift will eventually end up down the toilet but at least it’ll be worth it. The perfect gift for someone who has a good sense of humour and will see the funny side of this novelty unicorn gift!  

Unicorn Loving Gin Drinker 

Secret Santa - Unicorn Gin Gift Sets

Should you happen to know that you’re unicorn lover likes a drink or two at the weekends or in the workplace parties then you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Unicorn Gin! There are so many delicious and magical flavours to choose from like this delectable cotton candy which not only sounds delicious but also looks so pretty! 

If you’re operating on a small budget then you could opt for a Unicorn Gin Miniature Set, we absolutely love this super cute and tasty Unicorn Tears raspberry gin, who doesn't love a pink gin! For those with a more expansive budget (or if work is paying) then why not go the full hog with a Unicorn Gin gift set with a personalised glass included! You can be rest assured that this is one gift that will most certainly not end up in the bin and will be appreciated by your drunken unicorn coworkers. However like the unicorn toilet paper gift, it probably will end up in the toilet - one way or another!

Secret Santa For a Unicorn Lover Who Loves Baking

If your unicorn lover colleague enjoys a bit of baking and is seen bringing her home made treats into the office, then you have a 'certain to please' option in the new unicorn cookbook! Now she can bake a lovely selection of unicorn cakes, biscuits, pancakes and other scrumptious treats - until her rainbow coloured heart is content. Not only does this unicorn cookbook secret Santa gift tick a very big box with the receiver of the present, but it also ensures that if she’s to bring her creations into the office then it’s a win, win for everyone!  

Secret Santa - Unicorn Cookbook

This out of the box idea, will gift your colleague with an out of this world unicorn food experience. A magical unicorn cookbook which consists of lots of modern recipes that are certainly going to get her taste buds going crazy.  A great gift idea for the unicorn loving baker.

Does The Unicorn Lover Drink Tea or Coffee?

When we feel physically or mentally tired, the caffeine from a cup of tea or coffee kicks in and gives us that extra boost that is required to get the job done. 

Secret Santa - Unicorn Mugs

Does your secret recipient enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate? If so then this leaves a lovely opportunity for you to exploit and buy them the perfect gift! Sometimes it’s easier to play it safe with secret Santa ideas, and you can’t go too wrong with a unicorn themed mug or a travel mug. You can even go that one step further and get a personalised unicorn mug with the recipients name on it- for that extra well thought out touch, that really shows a lot thought and care went into buying something special for them.


Whilst some workplaces allow mugs and cups, others restrict desk drinks for travel mugs so make sure that you don’t come unstuck if you think she’d like to use it at work. The unicorn travel mug option is also perfect for those who commute into work, or who have a daily school run to do, as they are brilliant to take with you when out and about! There are also some fabulous unicorn mug gift sets which include chocolates or sweets and come gift wrapped and ready for the big occasion.

A Relaxing Soak After A Long Day Chasing Rainbows

We all need to switch off after a long day in the office and some do it best with a nice hot bath.


Secret Santa - Unicorn Bath Bombs 

For many people the perfect way to unwind from a long day in the office or when the kids go to bed is to take a nice long soak in the bathtub. Perhaps you know someone in a high pressured work environment that likes to relax in this way and if that’s the case then a pack of unicorn bath bombs with funny “unicorn poo” packaging is certain to raise a chuckle and the thought of smelling like a unicorn is going to make them one very happy gift receiver. Whilst bathing in a bath of unicorn poo might not sound that appealing, you'll be amazed to find that these pastel coloured unicorn poo bath bombs actually smells of raspberry! 

If You're Unicorn Lover is Also In Love With Games...

Is your colleague a social-able person who enjoys playing games with others? If so then how about introducing her to the unstable unicorns card game. 

Secret Santa - Unicorn Games

The Unstable Unicorns Card Game will provide hours of fun and laughter. It's a fantastic strategic unicorn card game, whereby you will build your own "unicorn army" and betray your real life friends! The unicorns are your friends now. A game for the whole family or group of friends. You can play with 2-8 players and can expect each game to last between 30-45 minutes. As long as your unicorn loving recipient has friends or family to play with then she will be well away. 

This is a great gift idea that is ideal for play over Christmas when you have friends and family over, or even sneak in a cheeky game in the workplace before you say your festive farewells, it is sure to raise a lot of laughs and cause a real talking point! 

Who said colouring in was just for kids? Adult Unicorn Colouring In is here!

Why should only kids have all the fun when it comes to colouring in? Well they shouldn't of course, and that's where this fabulous adult unicorn colouring in book comes in!

Secret Santa - Unicorn Colouring In Book 

Colouring In is a great stress reliever, as it forces you to sit, take time and focus your energy on the patterns and shapes, and allows you to be creative! There are some fantastic adult Unicorn colouring books available and we think that these make another really ideal secret Santa gift idea for a unicorn lover! This gift is perfect if you don't really know too much about the person your buying for as it is a really good all rounder present as it will appeal across the board! You could even add some pencils or crayons in too to really complete the present.  

Unicorn Sweets are just the treat! 

Unicorn Secret Santa - Unicorn Sweets & Confectionery 

Christmas is often the one time of the year where you can indulge and treat yourself to things that you might not eat too much of at any other time of the year. So what better than treating your secret Santa to something sweet to tantalise their taste buds, and combine their love of unicorns at the same time. 

There are some really unique and quirky unicorn confectionery treats, sweets and chocolates that we think would make a really nice unicorn secret Santa gift idea- and you never know your lucky recipient might even share!

A Festive Secret Santa Gift For A Christmas Loving Unicorn Lover

Some people just absolutely love Christmas more than anything in the world. If your unicorn loving work colleague loves Christmas as much as she loves her unicorns then why not roll the themes into one and surprise her with her very own unicorn themed baubles. 


Secret Santa - Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations 

Who said a unicorn lover couldn't bring the two together? Christmas and Unicorns certainly go together - you only need to take a look in our Unicorn Christmas Shop to see it's a matter of fact. There are a number of unicorn baubles that can be personalised with a name of your choice. Personalising your secret Santa gift really goes that extra mile and shows you have really given a lot of thought and effort into your present idea. 

Secret Santa Conclusion

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no escaping from it. Secret Santa is one of one the modern day Christmas traditions within the work place or the office. The most common form of Secret Santa is the tradition of pulling names from a hat. A simple and fair method that swiftly ensures that you could be be buying a gift for and receiving a gift from anyone in the office. Some of us get lucky whilst others don’t - someone will be wincing at seeing the sight of the name of the boss coming into their position, whilst others may find themselves in a tricky situation in buying for that they clash with every day of the week. Either way it’s a great way to bury the hatchet, have some fun and share the Christmas spirit with our coworkers, whether they’re our friend or not!

We have picked our favourite Top 10 Unicorn secret Santa gift ideas for you, but it was an almost impossible task with so many cool ideas to choose from! If you want more inspiration and idea we even have a whole collection of gifts to choose from- all with the unicorn theme, and under the £10 mark! Browse the full collection here

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