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Is Unicorn Spit The New Slime?

When we heard about the social media phenomena that is Unicorn Spit which is currently trending we just had to investigate more. We wrongly assumed this new craze was going to be a cousin of unicorn slime, more gooey and slimey we thought, something kids were going crazy for! But,we couldn't have been further away from the truth!

What we actually uncovered is an brand from the United States who produce the most amazing range of colourful gel stains and glazes, that are taking the crafting world by storm!

Unicorn Spit has seemingly taped into a huge demand with DIY-ers, hobbyists and the crafting movement who are going wild for their collection of vibrant colour gels which can be used on a number of different materials to transform ordinary objects such as furniture into out of this world holographic magical pieces!

The trend for upcycling, recycling, renewing and finding love for older items has been popular for a while now, and this product perfectly supports the ethos of this movement. Using these Unicorn Spit gel glazes, allows you to create a totally new look to hundreds of different items. The results really are incredible and speak for them self. 

Seeing the results of what can be achieved by using these gel stains and glazes we can totally understand why this product is something of a phenomena!

You only need to search Pinterest, Instagram and TiK Tok to find hundreds of cool videos, photos, and tutorials dedicated to amazing up-cycling projects using this cool product, some of the results are simply out of this world!




So what actually is Unicorn Spit?

It is a range of 21 amazingly beautiful and vibrant different colours that can be used either as a paint, or diluted down with water to create a gel, a stain, a glaze, a white wash or an antiquing tint.

All colours are certified as non toxic and come with 2 refreshing scents of lemongrass, and jasmine! 

What is particularly special about this product is its unique feature that it can be used as either a gel, a paint, a stain, a glaze or an antiquing hint. 

What can it be used on?

Another feature that distinguishes this product from others on the market is its versatility for use across so many different materials. 

The website claims it can be used on: Wood, Ceramic, Glass, Paper, Fabric, Concrete, Wicker, Canvas, including others! 



What Colours does it come in?

They have a range of 21 magical colours to choose from, all with a deliciously holographic sparkling shimmer effect. We especially love their unique and super cool paint names such as; Violet Vulture, Dolly Firebird, Sapphire Swift!

Colours can be purchased individually or as a set given how many nice colours there are to choose from the set is probably a very good idea!


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