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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Party Games


So your throwing the perfect unicorn party- it could be a birthday party, or maybe a baby shower. And we all know that as well as cake all good parties need party games!

That's where we have come in and put together a bunch of fun unicorn inspired party game suggestions to really make that party one to remember! These games are based on traditional party games that we all know and love- but have been vamped up and given a sprinkle of unicorn dust!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

A spin on the original Pin the Tale on the Donkey.......see what we did there?! Print out or draw (if you are creative!) a big unicorn onto a large sheet of cardboard. Free templates are readily available on the internet. Then print out or draw a number of unicorn horns (the same number as your party guests)

Blindfold your guests ( we like to use a glittery sleeping mask!) spin them around a couple of times and get them to pin the horn on the unicorn! The nearest placed horn on the unicorn wins- simple!

Another fab idea we love to do is to get your party guests to customise their horns before the game begins- this allows each horn to easily be identified to the players. Children love craft activities too so make sure you have plenty of glitter and sparkles at hand!

If you don't have time to print out all the bits you need- some very clever people have put together a very handy party pack of Pin the horn on the unicorn so all you need to do is play!  


Lasso a Unicorn Horn

Party hats make great pretend unicorn horns! For this game we like to customise and sparkle them up a bit, we add streamers to the ends and glitter to the hat- not necessary for the game of course, more for our pleasure!

Put the party hats on a big table and by each hat give it a number value. 

Get a handful of glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets to hand out to your party guests.

The aim of the game is to throw the necklaces or bracelets over the hats, with each one going over them earning a certain amount of points. Allow double points for bracelets that manage to lasso the hat!

Each guest gets a number of throws and the winner is the one with most points! The glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets all make great party favours too! Win win!


Pass the Sparkle

Ok so we have all played of pass the parcel.......but have you played it unicorn style?! For this game the objective remains the same, tons of layers of wrapping paper with the last one revealing a gift! But this game has been vamped up and sprinkled with unicorn dust- quite literally!

In between each layer of paper (we love to use pastel wrapping papers) add in a sprinkling of glitter dust and confetti sparkles for an added surprise as each layer get unwrapped! Really simple idea but works so well in a themed party and children will love being covered in the glitter as they tear open the layers!

Of course the winning gift inside can also be unicorn themed to really wow your guests! 


Unicorn Pinata

Pinatas make for great party decorations as well as a great party game for everyone to enjoy! And guess what...... you can only buy unicorn pinatas!! Hang your unicorn pinata up, then blindfold your party guests as in turn they each get the chance to hit the pinata with a pinata stick until it smashes open to reveal the surprises! What you put in them is totally up to you, it could be sweets, unicorn rubbers, pencil toppers, bracelets.......you decide! If you don't like the idea of hitting a unicorn, because how could we ever even think of such unicorn cruelty these are other fab products out there with a twist on the orginal. The unicorn pinata has a number of strings that hang down beneath its body. Guests then take turns in pulling the strings until the luck winner gets the string that releases the surprise!