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The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn - Chapter 1

Copyright © Author:Susan Harris 20.01.2018

Chapter 1.

The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn. 

Lucy was a unicorn, a very clever, colourful unicorn, her mane was long and thick and was all different shades of pink and lilac and purple, as was her tail. She had a small horn between her ears and one day it would be splendid, just like her mum’s, the rest of her coat was pure white.

Sometimes she liked to wander, her mum was always telling her to stay in the glade and not go too far but today Lucy had discovered something. Something big! And she wasn’t sure who she should tell, she was out of breath from running and sat at the edge of the stream and let her feet cool off in the gently moving water.

That morning Lucy had been exploring, she’d been past the stream, through the cornfield and over the hedge into the shrub grass, there really wasn’t much to see or do here but she just wanted to get out of the glade and have a look.

At the very edge of the grass there were enormous trees and for the first time she noticed behind the trees ran a very tall fence, that’s odd thought Lucy I thought there might be more grassland behind the trees, but anyway she’d had a good wander and would make her way back.

As she walked among the trees she noticed one of the fence panels was slightly broken at the bottom, and there was a gap with a chink of light peeping through, Lucy walked past and then turned around and came back for another look.

Hmmm, I wonder what’s in there thought Lucy, maybe I’ll come back another day and have a look, she stepped closer and could hear noises, well that was interesting!

As she touched the fence with her nose one of the planks of wood moved aside and if she pushed very hard and held her breath she could actually squeeze through, she looked around and couldn’t quite believe her eyes, she was in an enormous garden, there was a pond and huge flowers, lots of grass and a shed and at the very end of the garden there was a house, a great big house.

Lucy quickly pulled her head out of the gap and sat down, that’s odd she thought no-one ever told me about that! Maybe she was daydreaming…….

She really should be getting back, her mum would be worried as she wasn’t really allowed to go too far.

But, this was exciting!

Lucy pushed the wood aside again and had another peek, as she squeezed her whole body through she was stood amongst flowers that towered over her, tulips twice as tall as she was, she felt tiny as she made her way through, she took a tentative step forward and looked all around, it was very quiet but something had made that noise earlier. As she stepped off the flower bed and onto the grass she saw what it was, a hen had scratched itself a dust bath on the lawn and was merrily showering itself with dry soil, covering its feathers and sunbathing, it’s wing fanned out to the side.

Lucy stood still, terrified of attracting the hen’s attention but just a few feet away another hen had seen her and

was rather curious and wanted to take a closer look, it continued pecking at the grass but was slowly making its way over to her.

Out of the corner of her eye Lucy spotted the approaching hen, poor Lucy didn’t know quite what to do, so she decided to run back to the fence! As she turned around the hen thought she was fun and ran after her. Well, hens can run really fast when they want to and it caught Lucy up at the fence but thankfully Lucy managed to squeeze back through the gap just as the hen was trying to peck her! She could hear both hens making a right racket behind her.

Lucy ran and ran as fast as she could, back across the long grass, over the hedge, through the cornfield and here she was back at the stream.

What an adventure!

When Lucy got back to the glade no-one seemed to have missed her, no-one was calling out her name and as she approached her little house she could see her mum pegging out some washing and her little sister Mia was playing with her dolls in the paddling pool.

Her friend Albie came past on his bike.

“Hello Lucy, where have you been? Fancy coming to the park?”

“Oh Albie” said Lucy “you won’t believe where I’ve been, come with me!”

Albie got off his bike and they walked over to an apple tree, took one apple each and sat underneath, Albie laid his bike down on the grass and munched away.

“Come on then, get on with it” he’d heard quite a few of Lucy’s adventures but she seemed more excited than usual today.

As Lucy began to tell Albie what had happened he stopped munching on the apple and fell silent.

When Lucy got to the part about the hens chasing her, his mouth fell open and his eyes widened.

“What!? Hens the size of houses? Don’t be silly!”

“It’s true!” Lucy shouted, thinking that maybe they weren’t the size of houses but they were definitely twice the size of her!

“No, I think you’ve just been daydreaming! Dolly daydreamer you!” Albie laughed.

As Lucy lay in bed that night she was still furious with Albie for not believing her, she’d been so cross she’d jumped up and walked away from him, throwing her uneaten apple at him.

He’d laughed and said okay take me tomorrow then!

Well, she’d show him…….

Copyright © Author:Susan Harris 20.01.2018

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