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The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn - Chapter 5

Copyright © Author: Susan Harris 20.01.2018

Chapter 5.

Grandpa was in his shed looking for something to use to mend the hole in the roof of the chicken run, he’d noticed it earlier that morning when he’d gone to let the girls out, it must have happened with all the rain they’d recently had.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Albie were just coming into the garden and making sure all was quiet. They had a good look around and listened for any unusual noises.

“Come in, come in” cried Mavis spotting them amongst the flowers.

Earlier, on the way to the garden Lucy had said to Albie about the time their horns touched and that maybe they had indeed become invisible, it seemed the only explanation and so they had decided to try again once they were in the garden and see if Mavis and Betty could see them, or not!

“Hello Mavis” called Lucy and Albie, making their way over to where Mavis was munching on the dandelions.

“Come on, help yourself, there’s plenty for everyone” she moved over so the two little unicorns could snack on their favourite too.

When Betty came to join them Lucy asked “could we ask you a favour, we’ve been wondering if we did actually disappear the other day when George spotted us so if we touched horns again you could tell us.”

“Yes, of course” said Betty and so the sisters settled down to watch.

“Right” said Albie “I’ll stand here and you stand next to me Lucy.”

The friends stood side by side and very slowly their horns met and, as before there was a tingling and they did disappear!

“Oh my, you’ve gone!” exclaimed Betty “how do we get you back.”

They hadn’t really thought of that, they now knew how to make themselves disappear but how did they come back?

“Let’s try touching horns again” said Lucy “surely that will work.”

And so they touched horns again but no they didn’t reappear!

“Can you hear us?” asked Albie.

“Yes, we can hear you but we can’t see you” said Mavis.

The poor little unicorns didn’t know what to do but very slowly after a few minutes they began to reappear again, very slowly, first their feet, then their body, tail and then their heads.

“Thank goodness you’re back” cried Betty.

Lucy and Albie laughed, that was good fun.

“I wonder what else we can do” he was really enjoying himself now.

“Come on Lucy, let’s see if anything else happens.”

And so they spent the next few minutes high fiving each other, bumping shoulders, touching noses, blinking in unison but nothing.


“Let’s swish our tails together” said Albie.

As they stood side by side they swished their tails together and very slowly began to feel that something was happening.

“Have we gone invisible again?” asked Albie.

“Er no, not invisible but something is coming out of your backs!”

From out of nowhere wings appeared on both Lucy’s and Albie’s back, not feathery wings like the hens but beautiful, colourful, perfect wings like a butterfly!

“Oh wow” cried Lucy “look at these, this is amazing!” she gently moved the wings up and down and gradually felt herself lifting up in the air, her feet were no longer on the ground and if she moved them forwards and back she could actually fly.

Albie hadn’t quite got the hang of it and was going around in circles “help! Get me down, I don’t like it.”

“Just take your time and move your wings slowly” stressed Lucy.

Finally the two unicorns got the hang of it and were flying around the garden, they didn’t go too far or too high but were having a great time.

As Mavis and Betty watched them, Mavis suddenly had a thought.

“While you’re up there, could you mend something for me?” she asked.

“We’ve got a hole in our roof and we’ll get wet if it rains again so if you could take some of our straw up there and stuff it in the hole, that would be wonderful.”

And so the chickens sorted through and found the biggest bits of straw to use and Lucy and Albie swooped down and took them in their mouths and landed on the roof of the run.

“There, I think we’ve done a good job” said Albie, standing back and taking a look at the hole they’d repaired, it wasn’t perfect but it would stop their friends from getting wet if it rained again, apparently chickens hate the rain!

“What a fabulous day we’ve had” said Lucy, very happy Albie had gone along with her to the garden.

Once they’d said their goodbyes and squeezed back through the fence they’d tried swishing their tails together again but it seemed the magic only happened in the garden and so they had to trot all the way home and they were pretty exhausted after their busy day!

As Grandpa approached the run with nails and bits of wood to mend the hole he could see something sticking out, what on earth was that, he thought, surely birds haven’t tried nesting in there. As he got closer he could see the straw stuffed into the hole. Well I never, he thought how did that get there??

Copyright © Author: Susan Harris 20.01.2018

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