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Top Magical Unicorn Stocking Filler Ideas

Christmas - "It's the most magical time of the year!" who agrees? If like me it's your favourite time of the year - then maybe you are starting to think about getting into the festive spirit and thinking presents! One of my highlights on Christmas day is the excitement of Xmas morning when Santa has 'been' and the children see their filled stockings in their bedroom! 

Unicorn Stocking Filler Ideas

Stocking fillers are really fun to buy- the more quirky, unusual and fun the better, and I always try and find things that aren't readily available in the shops making it all the more authentic that the elves have been busy creating these especially hand picked toys in their workshops!

So if you have a little girl, boy, teen or an adult that your buying for, we hope you'll enjoy our fun and festive guide to the best 'Unicorn Stocking Fillers' 

Top 10 Stocking Fillers For Girls & Boys

Number 10 Top Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!

This fun Miracle Melting Unicorn makes for the perfect stocking filler for all unicorn lovers! The glitter putty comes with all the supplies for you to create your very own magical unicorn. You mould and make your unicorn using the horn, face, tail, mane and legs supplied - then watch as it slowly begins to melt like magic into a gooey glitter putty! Kids love anything that is slime related- so they are sure to absolutely love this unusual melting unicorn toy. What we love about this- is that you can use this over and over again, providing hours worth of fun and entertainment- especially on Christmas Day! 

Number 9 Top Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!

 Do you remember the old school magic trees that grew crystals? Well, this has had a makeover - and we present to you the Magic Growing Unicorn! A mix of magic and science this cute magic growing unicorn produces a plume of beautiful and colourful crystals like a magical mane from its body! Kids will not believe their eyes as the colourful crystals begin to appear and continue to get thicker over 15-20 hours. This has all the elements of a great stocking filler- fun- unique- well priced! The product contains everything you need to create this cute looking unicorn above!

 Number 8 Top Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!

Make kids bath times even more enjoyable with our third rated choice- this is the Magical Unicorn Bath Fizzer! Not only do you get a lovely heart shaped bath bomb that fizzes and makes the water smell delicious, but once dissolved a surprise is unveiled in the shape of this cute unicorn! I know my kids would absolutely love this, anything that contains a surprise is a winner in this house. This is definitely going into my basket!

Number 7 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!  

 These magic water colouring books are a firm favourite in our household and are one of the most used over and over again things making them exceptional value for the amount they can be played with. We love this GALT Unicorns book, which is full of cute unicorn pictures for your little one to discover! The magic lies within the water- fill up the water pen which is included, and see the colourful picture appear before your eyes as if magic! Unlike other magic colouring books, the beauty in this lies in the fact that once dry, the picture again disappears ready to be used again. This is a great way to engage children who are learning to hold a pen, encouraging the pincer grip ready for writing. This book is also a firm favourite of ours to take out with us on car journeys, or if eating out to keep little ones entertained! An all-round fantastic product, perfect for a unicorn lovers stocking this Christmas!

Number 6 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!

Hands up whose child have asked for a real unicorn for Christmas? Well that might not be possible this year- but what about the next best thing? Grow your own unicorn and watch it hatch out of the egg! These are super easy to use, just submerge in water and wait until your own miniature unicorn is ready to hatch from its coloured egg, then watch as your little unicorn grows! Kids love the surprise of watching something emerge from the shell- a great little stocking filler for your little unicorn lovers!

Number 5 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!

With the evenings drawing in earlier and earlier now, brighten those dark nights up with this fun set of Unicorn, moon and stars glow in the dark glittery stickers! The pack contains 6 individual unicorn stickers, and 43 moon and stars stickers- enough to create your own magical unicorn galaxy in your bedroom! Pink and glittery by day, and glowing gently at night, these stickers make a great wall decoration in any girls bedroom. Charge them up by leaving the light on for a few minutes before turning the light source off, and watch them glow. They are really easy to apply using sticky backs that kids will be able to put them up themselves. A great unicorn stocking filler in our eyes!

Number 4 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler!

No Christmas stocking is complete without some soft warm winter socks, and these unicorn ones are just the cutest we have seen! We love the summery pastel rainbow colours, with the cute 3D unicorn faces, perfect to match with your unicorn jammies, onesie and dressing gown! These are great for these colder wintery evenings to help keep you feeling snuggly, warm and toasty! 

Number 3 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler! 


Move over traditional Christmas chocolate coins- we have found these magical coloured unicorn ones, and we love them! Christmas and chocolate go hand in hand, and these are a must have unicorn essential this X-mas. I remember tearing into a bag of chocolate coins each year when I was younger and it's a tradition that I carry on with my own children. These cute unicorn ones are perfect for any unicorn lover!

Number 2 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler! 

This super cute unicorn lip set is from the brand Smiggle. This set of 3 features lip smacking tasty fruity flavours in grape, blueberry and raspberry. It has 2 lip balms, which are great for the winter season to help keep lips from drying out and getting chapped, and one cute lip gloss. They are all clear with just a hint of colour, making these an ideal accessory to keep in coat pockets, backpacks and pencil cases for school. Girls from all ages are guaranteed to love these- manufacturer's recommendation is for 6+.   

Number 1 Rated Unicorn Stocking Filler! 

Who wouldn't want of these cute little Christmas unicorns in their stocking on Christmas morning? Looking like it has just arrived straight from the elves workshop in the North Pole, this sweet unicorn plush is super soft in the traditional red, green and white colours of Christmas. This cute and cuddly little unicorn will make the perfect companion for Christmas night to snuggle as your little one goes to bed, as they dream of the magic of the day! 

We hope you have enjoyed our Top Ten Unicorn Stocking Filler ideas, if you want to see some more fab gift ideas, then take a look at our collection that is dedicated to the perfect Christmas buys! Unicorn Stocking Filler Gifts Here

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