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Top 5 On Trend Unicorn Make Up Brush Sets

Here at All Things Unicorn we have drilled down to identify the top 5 make up brush sets available to buy online! If you're searching for unicorn make up brushes then this is the place to find them. They make a wonderful gift for any teenage girl or cool mummy. Unicorn make up is bang on-trend right now and it's only the start of the storm! Our obsession with all things glittery, pastels and holographic have translated into our everyday beauty, nail and hair products. Festivals across the world including the infamous Coachella have seen festival-goers rocking unicorn inspired makeup, and unicorn hair, with celebrities such as Little Mix, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner leading the way with this trend! We hope you enjoy browsing through the best brushes and we'd love to know what you think too.

Unicorn Make Up Brush Set #5

Unicorn brushes set of 10 pieces

10Pcs Unicorn Rainbow Makeup Brush Set

The perfect combination of both practical and cute all in one! These make up brushes are beautiful hues of unicorn pastels from blue to silver, with rose coloured metal trim and purple dip dyed bristles. The handles are shaped like our favourite unicorn horn making this set of make up brushes truly magical! So pretty that it would be a crime to keep them concealed in the bag that the set comes with! 

The bristles are made from high-grade synthetic fibres, so although the bristles look like they have come straight off a unicorns mane- no unicorns were harmed making this product! The bristles are soft and silky to the touch- but firm enough so that you are easily able to blend your make up on application.

The carry bag which is included with this product is chosen at random with each order, so you would receive either a diamond bag or a pink bag. We love the element of surprise! All in all a fab set.

Unicorn Make Up Brush Set #4

Top 5 best unicorn make up brush sets

Rainbow Makeup Brushes, 12 pcs per set

Imagine what your dream dressing table would look like.....mine would most certainly have these beauties on! Like miniature pieces of our unicorn fantasy these make up brushes are just gorgeous! All sparkly and colourful these make up brushes are sure to make putting on make up that little bit more fun!

This set contains not only 10 make up brushes but a whole other 2 brushes as well- making this one of the best value sets around. Each brush performs a different function for your make up, making this one of the most beautiful but hardworking products we've seen!  

Each brush is designed to build up the perfect make up look for you- but no need to use all 12 at once if don't want- you decide what make up look you want to achieve and you will have the right tools to do so! 

The pretty multicoloured diamond designed handles have a gradual colour change up to a rose gold metal that holds the dip dyed pink bristles.  

The set includes the following brushes: 
*1 Powder Brush 
*2 Contour Brush 
*3 Blush Brush 
*4 Angled Brush 
*5 Fan Brush 
*6 Concealer Brush 
*7 Angled Blending Brush 
*8 Round Eyeshadow Brush 
*9 Small Shadow Brush 
*10 Blending Brush 
*11 Angled Eyeshadow Brush 
*12 Eyeshadow Brush

This would make a really lovely gift for someone or as a treat fro yourself- just because you deserve it! We love them!

Unicorn Make Up Brush Set #3

unicorn make up brush bag set

Unicorn Series Makeup Brush Set With Crystal Bag 7pcs

This is a lovely set of glittery make up brushes and make up bag, sure to make you smile and shimmer! The handles are made from clear acrylic and filled with glitter, and the bristles are a lovely blue and lilac colour giving these brushes a really pretty appearance. Included in the price of this set  is your own glitter bag to keep the brushes together too! This would make a really special gift for someone

❤Set Contains: 
1. Powder brush 
2. Blush brush
3. Fan brush 
4. Eye-shadow brush 
5. Small eye-shadow brush 
6. Lip brush 
7. Eye brow brush 
8. Bag

Always make sure make up brushes are kept clean and the bristles washed regularly. Follow these step by step guide on how to clean them.

❤How to clean: 

1.Run the bristles under water. Don't use hot water. 
2.Pour some baby shampoo onto the water. If you do not have baby shampoo, use liquid soap instead. 
3.Dip the brush into the mixture and swirl around. Only the bottom half of your brushes' bristles should be swirled in the mixture to avoid water travelling up the handle. 
4. Rinse the bristles under water. 
5. Pat the bristles dry, then reshape them. 
6. Let the brush air dry, then fluff it with your fingers.

Unicorn Make Up Brush Set #2

qivange make up brush set to buy

Qivange Makeup Brushes Set (10pcs)

These make up brushes by Qivange are the make up brushes of our unicorn dreams! With diamond frosted handles, rose gold connecting metal, dip dyed pink bristles, and the most beautiful pastel hues that you'd see on any good unicorn, these have to be some of the best looking make up brushes around. 

Not only are they objects of beauty and desire but they are totally practical as well! So- no need to feel guilty about this purchase because they are so functional!!

The set consists of 10 pieces and contains:

Powder brush flat foundation brush, Highlighter brush, Flat definer brush, Eye-shadow blending brush, Eye shadow brush, Angled eyebrow brush, Lip brush, Eyeliner brush, Eyelash brush.

WOW! Everything you could ever need and more!

Ergonomic design.... the contoured frosted textured handles not only make a lovely shaped handle to look at- but also give a unique rough feeling when your holding them so they don't slide out of your hands when applying your make up.

If all of that hasn't yet convinced you......... these also come in their own pretty box! Yes its true! Store them in this cute portable box, ideal for when your going out or as a cute gift packaging. But if your anything like us you will want them styled on your dressing table at all times!

Qivange 10ps Multi-coloured Make Up Brushes: 
1. Powder Brush
2. Flat Foundation Brush
3. Highlight Brush
4. Flat Definer Brush
5. Eyeshadow Brush
6. Lip Brush
7. Eyeshadow Blending Brush
8. Angled Eyebrow Brush
9. Eyelash Brush
10. Eyeliner Brush.

Package including: 
1 * 10pcs Qivange Unicorn MakeupBrushes Set
1 * Box

Unicorn Make Up Brush Set #1 - Our Winner!Spiral Unicorn Make Up Brushes With Diamond Make Up Bag

Rainbow Makeup Brushes, 12 pcs per set

This 10 piece unicorn make up set is one of the best we have seen. Not only does it contain the brushes but it also comes with the cutest diamond case for them- that we'd also totally use a as a clutch bag! 

The handles can only be described as a beautiful holographic, iridescent silvery shimmer shaped and twisted like a unicorn horn. And the bristles are giving me serious hair goals with its multi coloured rainbow pastel hues!

The 10 pieces in this make up set will provide you will all you'd need to achieve a flawless look for both day and night! 

The stunning diamond bag is also included which is great for ensuring all the brushes are kept together- perfect when your going on holiday or to a music festival!

This really does make this set a particularly good gift, for a friend, or yourself- right?! Am I the only one that always ends up buying two of gifts that I choose for friends because I always decide I need one myself! 

Package includes: 

10pcs Makeup Brushes Set
Diamond Bag


So now you're sorted for unicorn brushes, why not check out our unicorn make up bags?