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Top Ten Must Have Unicorn Toys For Christmas 2020!

You may have guessed that here at 'All Things Unicorn' we are totally crazy about unicorns and have over 4000 unicorn products available to view in our amazing Unicorn Shop. Good news - we're here to help find the perfect unicorn present this year! We know sometimes it's hard to know where to even start, so in this article we've been tasked with whittling down over 1000 unicorn accessories from our shop into just 10 amazing unicorn gifts for a girl. As you might imagine it wasn't the easiest of tasks - but we're very happy to share our Top 10 unicorn present ideas for Christmas 2020!  We hope you enjoy browsing them and find the special gift that you are looking for...

Unicorn Gift No.10 - Unicorn Slime Making Kit

Slime has been a top trending item for kids for a number of years now, and it's easy to see why it is so popular with children! This kit from Original Stationery has everything you need for hours and hours worth of unicorn slime making fun, the perfect rainy day activity. The kit has everything you need in one handy tub. It includes glues, pigments, glitters, borax, different flavoured scents, beads, foam balls, pearl beads and much much more!

From this one kit you can make fluffy slimes, cloud slimes, rainbow slimes, glitter slimes and lots of different coloured slimes to name just a few. 

We think this is a really is a great gift, it's good value for money, and great value for the hours worth of fun it provides. It is the perfect sensory activity for both girls and boys included! For other similar kits take a look at our collection of unicorn slime making kits.

Unicorn Gift No.9 - Crayola Colour 'N' Style Unicorn

Every child enjoys some craft time! The Crayola unicorn can be coloured and personalised using the selection of dry erase pens and can then be wiped clean with the cloth so that it can be redesigned time and time again. There's not many craft gifts that are re-usable, which made this one was a winner in our eyes from the start! Here you have a creative, beautiful craft toy that will provide hours of endless fun and make a fantastic companion for any young girl. The unicorn features a shooting star, crown, love heart with wings and 3 diamonds which can be coloured in to create a pretty toy. You can also do so many things with the mane, why not tie it up in a plait or give it a pony tail! This It comes with a brush to keep the mane looking great, and some small embellishments to add glamour and sparkle to this majestic unicorn. The video demonstration shares some wonderful tips and ideas to get started. Any child will love this! 

Recommended for children from 4-10 years old. 


Unicorn Gift No.8 - Unicorn Puzzle

With a slower pace at Christmas- puzzles can be perfect for all the family to enjoy together. This lovely unicorn jigsaw puzzle is ideal for girls aged 7+. Even with the madness of today's gadgets and digitisation there is still plenty of time for a child to step away from their screens and become engrossed in a puzzle!  This 150 piece unicorn puzzle provides hours worth of fun and helps keep the brain cognitively exercised and occupied, and can be completed over and over again. The puzzle features a stunning magical unicorn scene with castles, swans, flowers and flamingos! You could even frame the puzzle once its completed and hang the beautiful picture to admire. Adults love puzzles, including grandparents, so there's nothing to stop you from doing it together and spend some valuable one on one time with your kids or grandchildren on those wet and windy days. 

View more Unicorn Puzzles here. 

Unicorn Gift No.7 - Unicorn Watch

Well you really can't go wrong with a watch can you? Used by many and great for young girls who are learning how to tell the time! We couldn't resist this lovely rainbow unicorn watch by Flik Flak- it's super cute! 

Flik Flak are the Swiss Brand, who are world famous for designing beautiful children's watches. This watch is named the Magical Unicorn, and has a beautiful design that all young girls are certain to love!

With it's easily readable dials and strong colour contrasts, it makes a great choice for young children who are learning to read the time. With large numbers and dots to indicate the minutes this is a great way to start learning. Produced for children of 3 years+ this watch makes a lovely birthday or Christmas gift for a little one. 

Flik Flak watches are the only watches that can go through a 40 degree wash in the washing machine and still come out working. Not only are they shock resistant but they are also fully water proof and unlike many other kids watches, it comes with a 2 year warranty as well. Each purchase comes with it's very own little paper game, which encourages learning to tell the time. 

View our full collection of Unicorn Watches 


Unicorn Gift No.6 - VTech Myla The Magical Make Up Unicorn Toy

Myla the magical unicorn is a fun and interactive toy from the makers at Vtech. With this magical unicorn you can do her make up, style her beautiful mane, and sing along together. The touch sensors and 'make up brush' allow you to change the colour of her horn and eyes using the magic make up butterfly palette, and the microphone allows you to sing songs together. This toy is aimed at a younger child from 5 years.


Unicorn Gift No.5 - Paint Your Own Unicorn Money Box


Craft presents are always a great idea at Christmas time. In the colder winter months inevitably it feels harder to find things to do to keep children entertained- and this is where arts and crafts items come into their own! This lovely kit from GirlZone comes with all you need to paint, and accessorise this cute unicorn money box, keeping kids entertained for a good while whilst they do so! The kit comes with a ceramic unicorn money box, glittered paint, 3 paintbrushes, glitter, gemstones, sequins and stickers to create their own little masterpiece for their bedroom- perfect for their collecting coins. This lovely paint your own money box is perfect for encouraging creativity, engaging in making something for them to be proud of, and helps promote time away from screens. We hope you'll agree a lovely present for children from the ages of 3 years and upwards.

Unicorn Gift No.4 - My Fairy Garden FG301 Unicorn Garden 

This year more so than ever has been about appreciating and enjoying nature and the joy of growing our own in our gardens, and homes. This toy from 'My Fairy Garden' perfectly captures the essence, wonder and magic of fairies and unicorns, mixed with the enjoyment of seeing something you have planted grow into something! The pack contains a fairy caravan, a unicorn figurine, a mouse figurine, a bridge and 2 packs of seeds to grow grass in the garden and edible red amaranth in the roof top planter. Watch as the grass and amaranth grows, and show your child how to water and take care of it. This lovely gift is sure to spark a child's imagination and begin teaching them about how to be green fingered! We love this!


Unicorn Gift No.3 - Unicorn Charm Bracelet & Jewellery Box 

Ok, so we might be being a bit cheeky here- as this is technically two gifts- but we couldn't resist pairing these two together, as they make such a lovely present combined. Firstly we present this beautiful unicorn charm bracelet for girls. Very similar to the Pandora style charm bracelets, this one comes with 7 stunning charms. (x2) Sparkling coloured beads, here we have shown the pink version (which is our personal favourite) but there are 9 different colour options in total to choose from. (x2) Sparkling flower charms, (x1) Silver star charm, (x1) Silver heart charm, and in the middle sits (x1) beautiful hanging unicorn charm. It also comes in its own special gift box, making this the perfect present for any little girl who will feel very grown up with this lovely bracelet.

View our full collection of Unicorn Charm Bracelets here.


Next is this beautiful musical unicorn jewellery box complete with its own spinning unicorn with a sweet rainbow design. The box has a pink lined interior, and a little mirror, it's perfect for storing a little girls jewellery and trinkets, and we think it perfectly compliments the unicorn charm bracelet. 

View our full collection of Unicorn Jewellery Boxes here.

We hope you'll agree we couldn't show one without the other!

Unicorn Gift Idea No.2 - Rainbocorns Giant Bow Suprise Mystery Egg (Inc. 25+ surprises) Unicorn 

Kids go wild for the surprise of opening an egg to find hidden surprises inside! You only need to search You Tube to find thousands of vloggers filming themselves unwrapping and unboxing to see what a phenomenon this has become with children. This product is the biggest and best one that the brand Zuru have created to date. It is a huge giant golden egg, that hides inside 25+ surprises, including bow-bowcorns, bracelets, pencil toppers, sequin hearts and lots more! At the heart of this giant surprise egg hatches a large unicorn plush rainbow toy to cuddle and squish!


Love them or hate them- these toys are still proving very popular with kids who most definitely love them!

Unicorn Gift Idea No.1 - Unicorn Ride On Toy


Gifts don't come much cooler than this! Our number 1 top rated Unicorn Christmas Gift of 2020 is this amazing sit on and ride rainbow unicorn! Hands up whose child has asked for a real unicorn on their Christmas list? Well this comes a pretty close second to that. This cute and friendly unicorn will provide hours and hours worth of fun as your child learns to bounce up and down to gallop around like riding a real unicorn! We love that this toy is powered purely by the child and doesn't rely on any batteries or electricity- it is also suitable for both indoor and outdoors. It's like having your own real life unicorn pet! This is designed for children aged 5-12 years.

We hope you'll agree this is one special present! 

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We hope you've enjoyed our countdown of the Top Ten Best Unicorn Toys for 2020, if you want some more inspiration and ideas, we have created collections of toys suitable for different ages groups. Click on the link to take you to the collections!

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