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See The Most Outrageous Unicorn Halloween Costumes Ever!

With autumn now upon us, this means only one thing- Halloween is coming! If one thing is for sure, it's that fancy dress never seems to go out of fashion! No lockdown will stop us from having fun and getting dressed up for a spook fest in our living rooms!

From youngsters going trick or treating, to teenage party goers, or to the ever more popular adult only Halloween fright night events, everyone loves the age old tradition of dressing up for Halloween!

Unicorn Halloween Costumes

Where did the tradition begin? 

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, and it is believed that this tradition originated from an Celtic festival named Samhain that marked the beginning of winter.

During the festival it is thought that people lit bonfires and dressed up in animal skins. They believed that on this day- the day before All Saints Day on Nov 1st, the boundaries between the living and the dead became blurred, and ghosts and ghouls returned to earth to walk amongst the living. People believed that by dressing up like the deadly ghouls it offered protection from them.

Fast forward to 2020, and the tradition of dressing up is still as strong as ever. So why this article you ask? Unicorns of course!

Unicorn Halloween Costume

Unicorn Halloween Outfits

One of the most recent trends in Halloween fancy dress have involved our beloved unicorns. Undoubtedly this look is something that we are obsessed with, but what is it about this theme that makes it appeal to so many?

What feels really unique about going for a unicorn inspired Halloween look is that you can blur the lines between cutesy, glittery, sparkly unicorn, and bring in a darker side that we don't usually see associated with unicorns.

Unicorn Make Up

As with many Halloween looks, make up for your unicorn inspired look is all important. Think colourful eye shadows, tons of glitter, iridescent shimmers and stick on jewels and rainbow highlighters.

Make up isn't the only must have in this look- the unicorn horn is the all important feature that is essential for this theme.

Unicorn Horn

Unicorn headbands came be made relatively easily, using a handband, some fake flowers, some glitter and cardboard horn- or can be brought cheaply and easily customised if you want instead. The unicorn horn is often what distinguishes the look as being a unicorn so make sure this is a prominent part of your outfit.


The unicorns horn can also be used to really good effect in order to bring the darker side out to your unicorn Halloween look. Think broken and bloodied horns sticking out of the head at angles making for a eerie and gruesome look that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

We here at All Things Unicorn have brought together our favourite looks to inspire and show you just how diverse the range of costumes, outfits and make up can be to create your own perfect fantasy unicorn Halloween look! Prepare to be amazed!

This amazing unicorn Halloween look has been created by talented make-up artist Tamara Bickley. This has all the elements of the fantastical mystical creature with so many extra special details added creating not only a out-worldly look but also a really pretty feminine look at the same time! We really love the braided, pastel coloured hair, which sees the unicorn horn nestling perfectly amongst the hair or 'mane'.   

We love the hues of colour used here for this look, mixing aqua with silver, then going for a more of a peacock greeny blue on the heavily made up eyes. The jewels add a really special touch bringing texture and a 3D feel to this theme. We also really like that the make up has been brought down onto the body this adds even more impact to the feel and drama of the look.

Another inspired Halloween unicorn look that we adore is from German make up artist Rebecca Stöhr. Her look explores a Jekyll and Hyde feel, which sees not only the sweetness and light unicorn but another darker much more sinister side to this mythical creature. She has cleverly played with make up in a really interesting way to bring out the two personalities.

On the one side of her face exists a unicorn as we'd expect, pretty, with holographic elements, but on the other- a unicorn that looks like it been mauled by another magical creature in a fight. Blood drips down her neck, and a huge bite out of the skin reveals the unicorn teeth, amongst its pealing fur. This is by far one of the most unusual and unique Halloween looks we've seen, and one that will no doubt have people really stopping in their tracks!

Here Rebecca shows us stage by stage the transformation process.

If you love the looks above but don't know where to start in creating them, then have no fear. In this YouTube video by make up artist Atlantis Fae, has created a tutorial showing you step by step how to put together her unicorn Halloween look. It is a great guide that you can pause to keep up as you copy your own look at home.

We hope we have inspired you with some amazing looks, and ideas to create your own unicorn Halloween costumes this year- we have whole collections of Unicorn Adult Fancy Dress  and Kids Unicorn Fancy Dress as well as a fab range of Unicorn Wigs for you to look at. We would love to see what spooky, and magical costumes you come up with! Happy Halloween Unicorns!

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