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How To Create The Perfect Unicorn Themed Bedroom

Does your child dream about sleeping in a magical unicorn themed bedroom? Interior Designer Holly May has put together her top tips and ideas for creating the perfect unicorn themed bedroom. There's a step by step guide of ideas and information of how to create their room of dreams!

Step 1: The Mood-board

Firstly start by creating a mood-board of how you'd like the room to look. This can be a really fun activity you can do together depending on the age of your child. You could even make a mood board each, and combine elements together at the end to come up with the final look, or create one together finding inspiration and ideas together on the look and feel you want to achieve! A moodboard is simply a collection of images, ideas, colours, wallpaper or paint samples or anything that has inspired you for your bedroom. Collecting them all together in this way gives you a clear visual look of how the room will work together- its also really fun!

                    Unicorn Themed Bedroom 

Step 2: The Layout 

Decide on the furniture you need for your bedroom. Consider what you need to store in the room......... clothes, books, toys, soft toys - and then think about the best and most practical way of taking care of these storage needs. Do you need a wardrobe or will a chest of drawers be sufficient? How can toys and books be easily tidied away before bedtime? Think about ways of encouraging your child help to with the tidying in easy ways, such as easy to reach storage solutions for them like a big basket, or a toy chest. 

Think about the placement of the furniture to optimise space in the room. Consider how the door opens into the room, and the natural flow and space needed to move easily around the room.

Unicorn Bedroom For Girls


Step 3:  Pick Your Wall Finishes, Textiles & Accessories 

This is where the fun really begins! Refer back to your mood-board for how you want the room to look like, this is where we can start adding our unicorn theme! 

Wall finishes are really important for a room, and there are a number of different options. 


One really popular and fun way of bringing a unicorn theme into a bedroom is by using unicorn wallpaper. We have picked our favourites and have a collection of different designs to choose from. View our favourite unicorn wallpapers

 Unicorn Wallpapers                   

Wallpapers add pattern and fun into a room and create a real wow factor. If your not feeling brave enough to wallpaper a whole room, you can still achieve a real fun statement by wallpapering just one statement wall, or a chimney breast or alcoves. You can then compliment the rest of the room picking out a paint colour from the wallpaper to use on the rest of walls, if you have chosen to only wallpaper one wall only. 


Wall Stickers 

Another way to bring the unicorn theme into the bedroom without the commitment of wallpapering is to use a unicorn wall sticker. Wall stickers are an easy and versatile way of bringing some fun and pattern onto painted walls. They are really easy to apply and are a cost effective way of creating a real wow statement and creating a strong theme. You can even get personalised wall stickers with your child's name on- what a great idea! 

Unicorn Wall Stickers

There are lots of different varieties available so you can go as big or as small with the decoration as you want! We love this fun way of bringing unicorn fun into a bedroom as it really makes your bedroom entirely unique. We have a huge collection of unicorn wall stickers that you might like!



Choosing textiles for your unicorn themed bedroom is another really important factor. Curtains, rugs, and bedding not only provides an opportunity to bring some fun unicorn patterns in- but more importantly textiles play an important part in creating warmth, softness, and comfort in a room. 


Lets talk window treatments! In a child's bedroom it can be a good idea to use a black out blind at the window. When a room is dark your body produces a chemical called melatonin which helps make us sleepy, and of course when we get a good nights sleep, or a nap for a baby this helps our body grow and recover. So black out blinds are a great idea for a child's room to encourage good sleep- especially in the summer months when the sun sets a lot later.

Layering a pair of curtains at your window is another good tip in a bedroom. Curtains can provide a lightweight, more opaque look at a window which is perfect for pulling during the day if you need some privacy for getting dressed, but don't want to block the light completely. 

Not only do curtains provide function for your room, they also add softness, colour and pattern into your room too! There are so many amazing unicorn themed curtains available, many with the option of matching bedding, these are perfect for creating that cute unicorn themed room. We love the selection of unicorn themed curtains there are on the market - the hardest thing is choosing just one!   


Duvet Covers 

A lovely bed set will create a focal point in a room, and with so many lovely unicorn duvet covers available this really helps to pull a look together and create a strong unicorn themed style. Like we discussed above there are matching curtains and duvet covers available to create a sleek look, or you can choose a totally different unicorn pattern on your bedding to the pattern on the curtain! Unicorn duvet covers come in all different sizes, from unicorn toddler and cot beds, to unicorn single duvetsunicorn double duvets, up to unicorn queen and king sized duvets.

Unicorn Bedding Duvet Covers


Depending on if you have carpet or flooring in your bedroom, rugs are perfect for providing softness and warmth to a hard floor. This can be especially important within a child's bedroom as a large soft rug provides an area in which they can play from, crawl and lay around on. Rugs with a long fluffy pile such a sheep skins, aren't always a good idea in a nursery as young babies tend to pull the hair out and could put them in their mouth, and likewise older children who might be playing with toys with wheels might find a long piled rug would get caught up in the wheels. So the ideal solution is a mid pile rug or a flat pile rug- it provides softness, comfort and colour! We have created a collection of our favourite unicorn rugs that would sure to suit any unicorn themed bedroom.


Lighting within a room is another really important factor to consider when creating that perfect bedroom. Again like textiles, good lighting is not just about how it looks, but how it performs too. 

The types of lighting you are likely to use within a child's bedroom is a general light, and a mood light.

A general light is most likely found in the middle of the room in your ceiling. The job of this light is to provide a good source of lighting throughout the room in order to see everything clearly. 

Unicorn Lighting There are many different options for ceiling lights, like the ones above, that can help bring a unicorn theme to life! Unicorn shades, and chandeliers are both popular and fun choices. 

Mood lighting is another type of important light within a bedroom, this light provides an atmosphere and creates a cosy feeling. Mood lights could also be night lights which can be really comforting for children of a night time. Mood lighting gives us another opportunity to bring some fun unicorn design into the room! With literally hundreds of different lights available you will be spoilt for choice! 

We have rounded up our favourite unicorn mood lights and made a collection to give you some inspiration of whats available!


Unicorn accessories are another way in which can really bring fun to a bedroom as well as being super functional at the same time! A great example of something really cute but also really handy is one of these unicorn hair accessory wall hangings. 

Unicorn Hair Accessory Holder 

Toy chests and baskets are another invaluable accessory for a bedroom as they make tidying up really easy as everything can be quickly put away- so easy in fact any child can also help! 

There are so many fun and fabulous unicorn accessories available for a child's bedroom, unicorn clocks, unicorn jewellery boxes, unicorn money boxes, unicorn cushions, unicorn bean bags to name but a few! We here at All Things Unicorn have an extensive shop full of unicorn products that we hope you love as much as we do. You can browse our full range by clicking on the SHOP tag at the top of the page to see all our products.

Unicorn Girls Bedroom


We hope we have given you lots of tips and ideas that might be useful in putting together a beautiful unicorn themed bedroom! We would love to see your finished rooms and create a gallery to inspire others! If you'd like to send in your photos, you can contact us via the contact page or follow us on facebook where we have group of like minded unicorn lovers! We'd love to see 

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