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How To Host A Unicorn Themed Sleepover Party

Sleepover parties are becoming an ever more popular choice for children's birthday celebrations - and we can totally see why. Who wouldn't love an evening spent with your best friends in your pj's, watching films, drinking hot chocolate and eating sweets? Count me in! 

Unicorn Birthday Party

Girls and boys alike are often now forgoing the more traditional daytime party celebration with their friends in favour of holding a sleep over party for their besties instead! And you know what's guaranteed to make it even more special? Give your sleepover a theme! What does your child love? We here are crazy about unicorns of course, so we want to share with you our best tips and ideas for creating and hosting the perfect unicorn themed sleepover!

Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

We personally think unicorn themed sleepover parties are fab because you can have so much fun with them and really go to town with this magical and colourful theme. From the party invitations, to the decorations, the party games, the food and even the pyjamas that the birthday girl or boy wear you can create a really special memory for your child!  

So here we have put together our fun tips and ideas for hosting the most magical, memorable and fun filled unicorn sleepover to inspire you!

Tip One: Think Numbers!

If you are hosting a sleepover party, firstly think about how many guests you can comfortably accommodate, and where they will sleep! Also consider how noisy an excitable group of girls or boys together might be away from home, staying up late, you might need to expect that there will probably be a late night involved, lots of giggling and maybe not a lot of sleep going on! So location is all important.



Often living rooms with the furniture minimised make a great place for your party guests to sleep, as often these rooms tend to be larger than our bedrooms, and whilst your child might not be intending to sleep much- I am sure the rest of your household would like to- especially if you have younger siblings in the house. With the living room not usually on the same floor as the bedroom this location will hopefully help kurb the noise levels a bit!

This amazing image above by 'Dream & Party' a party events organiser in America shows just how dreamy a unicorn sleepover can look we love how dreamy and inviting this looks!

Tip 2: The Invites!

The party invitations are a great way to introduce the unicorn theme, and give a taste of whats to come! There are so many fun unicorn themed party invitations out there nowadays that the hardest thing will be picking your favourite! We have found our top three that we love that we wanted to share with you!

We absolutely love this pretty pastel unicorn invitation with the cut out horn and ears. It is simple and yet super cute at the same time. I would also use these colours as my inspiration for my party decorations and colours for balloons as these pastels are not only bang on trend right now, but also really shout unicorn!

This is another design we really love. It has a beautiful rainbow and floral unicorn pattern, making this invitation so pretty and girlie. The colourful rainbow thme even carries onto the envelope which makes this invitation really stand out.  



Another lovely unicorn party invitation that really is something special is this beautiful set that you can personalise with your child's name making these truly a one off! There's 2 lovely designs in this range to choose from and we especially love the gold element!


 Tip 3: Unicorn Decoration!

Unicorn Party Balloons

A little decoration can often go a long way when it comes to children's parties, and with the unicorn theme it is so easy to create a fun look that will really stand out! An emerging trend in party decorations is balloon arches. They create a real wow statement, and make a fantastic back drop to the party food table, and then can remain where all your party guests will be sleeping. They also make a great selfie spot for the birthday child and their friends!

Many companies will come and deliver and install a balloon arch, but you can also buy kits whereby everything you need to create this is included. This is a really simple and yet effective way of creating a big wow factor without needing a huge budget.   

Tip 4: Unicorn Food!

Unicorn Party Food

No party, albeit during the daytime or evening is complete without party food, and a unicorn themed sleepover means some seriously cool unicorn inspired party food!

Unicorn Frosting

Pastel coloured frosting on cup cakes makes for some pretty sweet treats!

 Unicorn Cup Cakes

Doughnut walls make a fab addition to any party! Kids and adults love them, and what better for a unicorn sleepover than to have doughnuts and unicorn hot chocolate in the evening whilst in your pyjamas! Doughnut walls can be brought so you can re use them time and time again for other occasions. making them not only great decorations but also good value for money too!

No party is complete without a birthday cake and there are some lovely unicorn cake toppers to help decorate it! The hardest part will be choosing what one to pick!

Tip 5: Entertainment!

Depending on the age of your children and their friends, mini pampering sessions for the girls can be a fun way to spend some time in the evening before bed that they can all practice on each other whilst all chatting together! Painting nails are so much fun and these cute unicorn nail art stickers are so cute! 


Creating glittery unicorn tattoos are another fun part of pampering that girls love! 

Tip 6: Unicorn Sleeping!

Ok, so we know that at any sleepover there is often not much sleep going on- but lets hope they get some sleep during the night! There are a number of amazing companies that will come and set up gorgeous tippee tents and mattresses for guests to sleep in in your room of choice. Each company will have different take on the unicorn theme- all with dreamy, fun and magical results!





Whatever you choose in terms of how the guest will sleep, be it hiring a company to come and decorate with tents, or if the kids are in sleeping bags on the floor- they are bound to have a really fun time all together! 

Some really sweet additional touches for your sleepover guests are to give each child a cute unicorn sleep mask for the night.



For the birthday girl you could go all out in cute unicorn pyjamas, onesie and slippers to complete the unicorn lounge-ware look! We hope you have enjoyed our top tips for hosting a unicorn inspired sleepover party, and given you some ideas of things to think about for your own one! 








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