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The Adventures of Lucy the Unicorn - Chapter 3

Copyright © Author:Susan Harris 20.01.2018

Chapter 3

The next day it poured and poured with rain so Lucy helped her mum to bake cakes and played with her sister, they were sat at the table drawing when Albie came over to see if she could come out to play.

“Not in this weather” said her mum “you’ll get soaked.”

Albie was very frustrated, he’d wanted to go and explore their new playground and chat to the giant chickens again. I know, he thought, I’ll go on my own and off he trotted, past the stream, through the cornfield, over the hedge and through the long grass to the trees.

Well, he looked and searched and hunted and could not find the gap in the fence, feeling very disappointed he went home, very wet and soggy.

The rain continued for two whole days and everyone was getting fed up of being stuck inside, finally on the third day the sun was shining and Lucy jumped out of bed, ate her breakfast and zoomed round to Albie’s. Funnily enough she bumped into Albie zooming round to hers.

“Come on” said Lucy “let’s go and see Mavis and Betty.”

So, the two little unicorns trotted off, very happy on this sunny day, the stream was running very fast, the corn seemed to have grown inches and the grass was very, very boggy but they didn’t mind getting their feet muddy, they were off to see their new friends.

“I’m not sure we’re going to find the gap” said Albie, confessing that he had come a couple of days ago and just couldn’t find it, no matter how hard he had tried!

“Don’t worry” Lucy reassured him, “we’ll find it, I’m sure.”

And sure enough, as soon as they got to the fence, Lucy spotted the little chink of light peeping through the fence panel.

“Here we are” said Lucy “let’s go and say hello!”

As they eased aside the broken wood and squeezed through they heard voices, quite a distance away but definitely voices, they tiptoed to the edge of the flower bed and peered about, the chickens were in their run, busily tucking into breakfast at their trough.

Suddenly out of nowhere a boy’s face appeared, looming over them, he looked to be about six or seven, wavy brown hair and plenty of freckles.

As he stared at them they were frozen to the spot, terrified and huddled together.

The young boy turned his head and shouted over his shoulder “Molly have you lost a couple of toys, I’ve found some of your unicorns!”

At that precise moment Lucy and Albie shook with fear and as their heads came close together their horns gently touched.


They both felt a tingle and unknown to them they were invisible!

As the young boy turned back round to show his sister what he had found, they had gone, vanished!

“Oh” he exclaimed “they were here, a couple of your unicorn toys, that’s odd, where did they go?”

The young girl who was clearly his younger sister, about five took a quick look and said “I haven’t brought my unicorns over to nanna’s so why would they be here?”

Well, that was puzzling, the young lad had another look and felt about a bit amongst the fallen leaves but no, there was nothing there!

Lucy and Albie stood frozen with fear and lifted their feet as the searching hands felt about for them, how on earth had he not seen them?

“Right I’m off” said Albie once the boy had joined his sister back at the house, he was pretty shaken up but didn’t want to show Lucy just how frightened he had been.

“Phew, that was close” said Lucy “did you feel a tingling when our horns met?”

“Well yes” said Albie “that doesn’t usually happen does it!”

They had no idea that when they were in the garden they could make themselves invisible by touching horns.

Molly went into the kitchen to show nanna how nice her new doll looked in the outfit nanna had made for it and George went off to find grandpa in his potting shed.

After a while Molly came to get them both for lunch she had helped nanna to prepare.

“Lunch is ready” she shouted “nanna says wash your hands first!”

“She’s such a bossy-boots” laughed grandpa, “takes after her nanna.”

After they had washed their hands they joined nanna and Molly at the garden table. Spread out in front of them was a lovely picnic to enjoy in the sunshine; there were sandwiches, quiche and fresh strawberries from the garden with cream for afters.

“We’ve been busy sowing seeds in the shed” said George “and grandpa said I could help him pick the runner beans this afternoon.”

“Oh I thought you were playing with the unicorns at the bottom of the garden” laughed Molly, teasing her brother.

“What’s that?” said nanna “I thought there were supposed to be fairies at the bottom of the garden, not unicorns.”

“Don’t listen to her, I just thought I’d seen a couple of her toys in the dirt but it must have been the flowers.”

George wasn’t happy Molly had embarrassed him and wished she’d just be quiet.

But grandpa had listened with interest, he never said a word but a small smile appeared on his lips, well, well, well he muttered under his breath.

Copyright © Author:Susan Harris 20.01.2018

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