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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Kids Multi Activity

We here at All Things Unicorn have created this fun multi-use activity sheet for kids. Sometimes the simplest of things can help to amuse children long enough for you to have that much needed cup of tea even if it is for just 5 minutes! 

This sheet can be used in a few different ways which we hope your little ones can get some enjoyment out of!

1) Print out and colour in the pictures to create a lovely piece of artwork which can be framed or displayed on the fridge!

2) This is a counting game- this can be for just one player, or you could get the whole family involved! Get everyone to guess how many of the different images they think are in the sheet, for example: 8 unicorns, 5 rainbows etc. One person is then elected to be the official counter and counts up each of the individual images and the winner is the one closet to the real numbers! You could even involve little prizes for the ones who guess the closest!

3) Add some sticky paper to your printer, then print out the activity sheet and hey presto you have some cool stickers to cut out and colour! Help might be needed from a parent with the cutting!  

4) Print out the sheet and then use tracing paper to trace the images so your child is drawing them out themselves! After they have traced the images a few times- see how confident they feel about trying to draw them themselves!

5) Cut out the images and get your child to colour them in and make fun homemade birthday cards for family and friends!


Unicorn Counting Game