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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Nail Art

Thought you'd seen everything unicorn? Well we thought we had until Unicorn Horn nails became a thing! 

Yes you did hear me right- the trend riding the unicorn wave is Unicorn Horned manicures!

No longer are just sparkly pearlesent talons enough, now we want 3D horns too! Created using a 3D spiralled texture and shaped to give the look of a unicorns horn, the acrylic then has some holographic powder added to its  top coat. This look is truly something magical, and guaranteed to really make you stand out from the crowd!  

Take a look at some of these nail masterpieces below to see just how special these mini masterpieces can look!



Now these as pretty as they are- these nails aren't for everyone day to day. With so many beautiful polishes out there you can create any kind of look you wish to.

Nail art, and polishes have quickly become a stead fast staple of our beauty regime and 2018 looks no different when it comes to new looks on the catwalks.

Cosmopolitan have identified 6 key Nail Trends for Spring/Summer 2018:

1) Logos/Brands/Monograms

2) Abstract Designs- detailed tips with abstract patterns or flowers

3) Metallic Moments 

4) Floral Accents

5) Embellishments/ Jewel Accents

6) Glitter

      Graphic nails trend 2018

Nails Inc. is the UK's number one nail brand. With its fashion forward thinking, they set trends in colour inspired by the catwalks.

Sparkle Like a Unicorn with its beautiful champagne hues is a holographic polish which gives a beautiful soft dreamy sheen to your nails. But Nails Inc have got a new trend unicorn inspired, they describe it as:

"The Dirty Unicorn has galloped into the palm of our hands. The best place to start to re vamp the winter nail.

Inspired by unicorns out after dark, the pretty unicorns naughtier sister. Its all about shade shifting multi-tone shimmers. Fuel this fantasy and indulge in either four rich colours, get your scare on and team it with your halloween get up, the spookiest polish around.

• Hot To Trot is pure unicorn  – a shimmery deep purple that flips to a subtle touch of sapphire blue.    
• The Mane Attraction is a sapphire blue shimmer that flips to a pinky purple.
• Rainbow Hooves is a dreamy pink sparkle that flips to a golden emerald tone.    
• Shake That Tail is a rainbow at twilight – a multi-flip spectrum of shades ranging from pink to blue to gold. "

                Dirty Unicorn Nails Inc.

We absolutely love this new collection by Nails Inc. such beautiful dark hues perfect for our long dark wintery nights! 


If you love this trend then take a look at our handpicked collection of unicorn nail varnishes and nail polishes.