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Unicorn Headband

Unicorn headbands are a great DIY project that are easy and cheap to make. Children will love to create their own unique unicorn horn as part of their dressing up box of outfits! Tikkido share a fab tutorial on their website for a felt unicorn headband that we had to try! Its really easy, has some great instructions and even comes with a free downloadable template for the horn- we had to share it with you!

There is almost no sewing involved in this project, its mostly all done using a glue gun,  What is done using a needle and thread is hardly anything- so no need to panic if your not good with sewing!

Lets get started:

First you will need to make the horn.  

Cut out a triangle of felt with the tip snipped off the end. Tikkido provide a free printable unicorn horn template for this making this step super easy with no guess work required!

Folding the triangle of felt in half, use a glue gun to glue the long edges together (make sure you leave the bottom open).  If you wanted you could sew it for this step, but using the glue gun also works just as well for this stage!

Then you need to turn the cone of felt inside out, to make sure you don't see the glued (or sewn) seam, and stuff with fluff (found at any craft or fabric store).  

Glue a rough circle of felt to the bottom of the cone to keep the stuffing inside and not falling out.


Next you need to thread some STRONG white thread onto a needle, and knot the thread.  Tikkido suggest a strong button thread to be the best to use!

Secure the knotted thread at the tip of the horn, then, wind the thread tightly around felt cone toward the base.  

Make sure you hold the thread really securely, keeping it tight, as you knot the thread in the felt at the base of the horn.  

This simple step is what transforms a pretty lame looking unicorn horn into a completely awesome one.  A little bit of crafty magic.

Glue the horn to the top of an inexpensive headband any will do! 

Cut another circle of felt and glue it to the underside of the horn, sandwiching the headband between the felt horn and felt circle.  

Use the hot glue gun to cover the base of the unicorn horn (the ugly bit where it's glued to the headband) and decorate with maybe some felt flowers and leaves you've made or some pretty coloured ribbons- you decide!

That's the beauty of these headbands is that you can make them however you wish, no one will ever have the same as yours! Have fun with the colours, experiment, add some jewels!  Whatever you want.

There we go a great, easy to follow tutorial to make your own unicorn headband- great work Tikkido we love it!