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grow a unicorn
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Grow a Unicorn - Christmas Gift Idea

It grows to six times it's size! A fun gift idea for any young child to enjoy, and a great stocking filler.

Does your child constantly ask for a pet? Anyone's ever asked for a pet unicorn? Well now you can make their dreams come true with this grow your own unicorn gift! A brilliant gift for those that love unicorns but can't have the real thing! And you want to know the best thing about this pet unicorn? There's no grooming, no walking it, no feeding it, or no picking up its unicorn poop! It's the perfect pet!

Once submerged into water the unicorn grows up to 6 times bigger than its original size within 72 hours. Once out of the water it reverts back to its original size again. The entertainment doesn't stop there as this can be grown time after time! The gift that keeps on giving!


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