Over 1,000+ Unicorn Items Stocked In Our Shop!
Over 1,000+ Unicorn Items Stocked In Our Shop!
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Top 15 Unicorn Baby Gifts

Looking for a unicorn baby gift? Great, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find the top 15 best unicorn baby gifts - perfect for newborn babies and baby showers. Find the perfect gift for a newborn baby girl in a matter of seconds.

Unicorn Baby Gift #15

Unicorn baby gift muslin 11

Lifetree Unicorn Muslin Blanket For Baby

Do you know someone who is lucky enough to have a summer baby!? If so then a thick blanket will be no good to them and this is where the muslin swaddle blankets are very unicorn. Sorry *useful. No chance of baby overheating in this muslin unicorn swaddle.

The muslin unicorn swaddle blanket has to be the number one choice for the lucky little summer babies. When the room temperature is already hot then it's no good wrapping baby in a thick blanket as they are at risk of being dehydrated. In the summer time midwives are recommending a muslin as oppose to a blanket, and now you have one with a beautiful unicorn print. Ever heard the saying "I slept like a baby". Why do people say that?! Maybe because their babies slept through the night inside their unicorn blanket! Thanks LifeTree.

Unicorn Baby Gift #14


unicorn baby blanket gift 9


Cashmere Super Soft Baby Unicorn Blanket

OK, so this is the cutest and softest swaddle blanket of the lot. Attached is a large unicorn head that will not go unnoticed. Cashmere, this one is softer than a baby's bottom. Cashmere super soft unicorn head baby blanket! Softer than your baby's bottom. This is without a doubt the cutest and softest baby / swaddle blanket of the lot. Attached is a large unicorn head that will not go unnoticed. This blanket also has a nice heart which is revealed upon opening it. (Love Unicorns).  We think baby will be very comfortable in this.

Unicorn Baby Gift #13

unicorn baby gift comforter with tags

Jade The Baby Unicorn Comforter 

Babies really do love tags don't they! And this one has been designed with that in mind. The Mini Doudou Jade the Unicorn baby comforter has plenty of tags for baby to play with. A great companion!

The pink unicorn comforter with the tags. Tags are high on every babies agenda, they love to play with them, drool on them and obsess over them. This comforter he done a great job of taking that into consideration and there aren't many like this on the market. Machine washable, soft and squishy - we fail to see how this one couldn't be  wonderful companion for baby for many years to come.

Unicorn Baby Gift #12

unicorn baby gift comforter

Grey Unicorn Comforter

If grey is your colour then you're going to love this baby comforter. Another one for the girls - less blanket than some others but we don't discriminate here!

The unicorn baby comforter in a tutu - how very girly and how very sweet! We love the design here from Mamas and Papas and you're baby is sure to fall in love with this soft and squishy toy too. Every baby needs a fantasy unicorn companion right?

Unicorn Baby Gift #11

Unicorn baby gift play toy

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Unicorn Toy / Teether

This is our #11 choice for unicorn baby gifts. A soft, textured bandana teether detached to be worn around the wrist. Bpa-free, pvc-free and phthalate-free. Attaches to stroller, car seat or infant carrier. A beautiful design with made from a series of fabrics which offer lovely textures to baby to enjoy. It has built in toys including the rattles rings and mirror and is the perfect baby shower gift. 


 Unicorn Baby Gift #10

personalised unicorn dummy chain gift

Personalised Unicorn Dummy Chain

Tired of picking up, losing and sterilising that dummy?! This is where dummy chains come in handy. You can clip the dummy to your baby and keep it safe. Personalised too - Majestic!

This unique unicorn dummy chain helps to keep the dummy in one place, and to ensure that your baby always has it within reach. 

This dummy chain can be personalised to include your little ones name making it a unique gift choice, or perfect for a baby shower or present for a newborn. A really special item to treasure and keep as a keepsake of your little one for years to come!

Unicorn Baby Gift #9

Unicorn baby gift dribble bib

Adorable Unicorn Quote Dribble Bib

Take note: Always be Yourself UNLESS you can be a Unicorn then be a Unicorn. One of the most trending unicorn quotes placed right onto this little unicorn dribble bib. Absolute Class and spot on quote! Who wouldn't feel proud to wear this?

This cool quote has been added to the funkiest dribble bib we have come across to date. We think it's safe to say that this is one of the only fashion accessories that can be worn with dribble running down the front of it and still look great! Colourful, and cute! 

Unicorn Baby Gift #8

Unicorn baby towel pink

Luxurious Unicorn Baby Towel Pink

The perfect bath time accessory. A plush and luxurious baby towel with unicorn design. This cute towel makes a perfect newborn baby gift, baby shower present.  Made from a superior quality velour cotton terry towelling. The outer side of the towel is velour, which provides a silky soft feel. High quality with great water absorbency. This towel will be perfect for drying baby, whilst keeping them warm and comfy.  Size 780 mm x 580 mm, hood 360 mm x 180 mm. This is the towel that everybody would like to buy and makes for a lovely bath time. 

 Unicorn Baby Gift #7


Personalised Unicorn Keepsake Box

A beautiful unicorn wooden keepsake box which can be personalised to include the name of the baby. A special gift for a newborn baby, and the perfect gift for a baby shower, christening, holy communion 1st birthday or Christmas present. Little ones most important treasures can be kept safe and secure in here and can be used throughout childhood. Keepsake boxes are sometimes referred to as memory boxes and are used for storing mementos of special times and events in little ones younger years.  

This is a special gift, and is sure to be loved by parents and child. A lovely design that will go well in any baby nursery for them to cherish for many years to come.  

Unicorn Baby Gift #6

Jelly bashful unicorn toy

Jellycat Bashful Unicorn Soft Toy

Jellycat are known for creating the most beautiful and soft baby toys, perfect for newborn baby gifts and baby showers. They are so very soft and sure to be baby's favourite toy. When you buy a Jellycat baby toy, you are making a purchase of real quality. It's fair to say that Jellycat toys are a pure bundle of cuteness and excellent. The Jellycat Bashful Unicorn is one of the newest toys to be added to the range and is sure to make a great companion for baby. Available in a range of sizes that are perfect for small hands. This toy can go everywhere with baby and is perfect for cuddles in the pushchair, chewtime on the horn, snuggles in the cot and playtime too. Unicorn "stuff" is so on trend right now and we think that this toy leads the way right from birth. We love Jelly cat as a brand, we love unicorn and we love this toy - we're sure baby will too.

Unicorn Baby Gift #5

unicorn play mat baby gift

Beautiful Unicorn Baby Gym Play Mat

For those mothers who prefer the subtle approach, this play mat is designed with soft pastel colours and would look beautiful in any nursery, bedroom or playroom!

A subtle unicorn play mat. Yes such a thing as subtle can exist, even when it comes to a unicorn theme, and this play mat is an excellent example. Your baby can really stretch their legs on this one. This is one of the larger plays we've come across with a 90cm diameter, which mean its big enough for your baby to have some tummy time, nap time, play time and all sorts of other time! 
There are a few cool features about this mat: 
  • Cotton Padded - filled with ultra soft cotton, suitable for summer and winter.
  • Knee Protective - smooth and soft fabric craw mat will gently protect fragile baby knees
  • Unicorn Themed!! 
  • Super sized - about 90*90cm big enough for baby activity, unisex for infant boys and girls
  • Multiple Use - great for baby kids play mat, tummy time mat, nap mat, picnic mat, toy storage etc.

 Unicorn Baby Gift #4

Nappy cake baby shower gift


Unicorns and Rainbows Baby Girl Pink Mini Nappy Cake Baby Shower Gift

A beautiful handmade gift for a baby girl, with a free gift message that can personalised at the checkout. A lovely unicorn rose and bow design, with subtle pinks and colourful extras. This nappy cake comes packed with essentials for baby / mummy, including pampers nappies, muslin cloth, baby washing cloth, the soft toy, scratch mitts and foam roses. 

Handmade gifts offer something that other gifts don't, and this one is truly beautiful and the kind thoughts are certainly not going to go unappreciated. A practical, beautiful, fun baby gift that is certain to serve a good purpose. 

Unicorn Baby Gift #3

Plush unicorn gift in tin soft toy

Personalised Always Be a Unicorn Teddy Plush in a Tin

This super cute plush unicorn teddy comes with it's own cute tin which can be personalised to contain baby's name. The quote reads "Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn. The name can be personalised to include a maximum number of 15 letters. The tin itself measures approximately 180mm in height and the toy measures approximately 150mm in height. 

The perfect companion for little one and will make a great first friend. Great for cuddles in the pushchair, snuggles in the cot and fun time too. A lovely gift idea for a newborn baby, baby shower, first birthday or as a christening gift. So adorable. 

Unicorn Baby Gift #2 

 matching unicorn baby grow and t-shirt for mummy gift


Adorable Unicorn Baby Bodysuit & Mother's T-Shirt

Looking for a funny unicorn baby gift that provides both humour and cuteness? This baby gift set is certain to put a smile on mummy's face! Both the bodysuit and the t-shirt are made from 100% cotton, which is perfect for sensitive baby skin. A perfect gift for numerous occasions including mothers day, baby showers, newborn gift, Christmas and birthdays. A lovely colourful unicorn design which reads "Mummy Unicorn" and "Baby Unicorn". Too cute!

Is it available in the size you need? You bet it is. The baby sleep-suite is available 5 sizes, which range from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years. Mummy's T-Shirt is available in Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. 

Baby T-Shirt - 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years & 2-3 years. Womens T-Shirt - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & XX-Large.


Unicorn Baby Gift #1

Magical 3 Tier 'Cupcakes & Unicorns' Nappy Cake New Baby Girl Gift

A truly magical 3-tier nappy cake with a cup cake on top. This nappy cake is a great gift idea for a newborn baby and will go down a treat at any baby shower.

Gift wrapped and hand packed with a huge selection of baby essentials including: 

37 Pampers nappies (mixed sizes 2&3), soft cupcake print baby blanket, 2 muslins, bib, bodysuit (0-3 months), scratch mitts, Frilly socks, hat, sock cupcake (0-6 months), brush & comb, soft unicorn toy, finished with pretty ribbon, embellishments, presented on a re-useable cake board and a silver plated baby themed charmed for mummy.

The nappy cake comes with beautiful gift wrapping - cellophane wrapped with matching bow and ribbon. It has an ingredients tag which outlines the contents of the nappy cake too. You can also personalise it with your very own gift message! 

This is such a perfect gift and the mother / mother-to-be is going to be filled with joy and emotion when she opens this.


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