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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Baby play mat white unicorn subtle pastel shades
White Unicorn Play Mat, Sleep Mat, Baby Mat, Pastel Shades
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Pastel Unicorn Play Mat Large

Believe it or not there are subtle ways to add a unicorn theme into your home, and this is a great example! For those who prefer the subtle approach, with soft pastel colours that don't sting the eyes too much when you look at it, would look beautiful in a nursery, bedroom or playroom!

A subtle unicorn play mat. Yes such a thing as subtle can exist, even when it comes to a unicorn theme, and this play mat is an excellent example. Your baby can really stretch their legs on this one. This is one of the larger plays we've come across with a 90cm diameter, which mean its big enough for your baby to have some tummy time, nap time, play time and all sorts of other time! 
#Go large early on and save later!
There are a few cool features about this mat: 
  • Cotton Padded - filled with ultra soft cotton, suitable for summer and winter.
  • Knee Protective - smooth and soft fabric craw mat will gently protect fragile baby knees
  • Unicorn Themed!! 
  • Super sized - about 90*90cm big enough for baby activity, unisex for infant boys and girls
  • Multiple Use - great for baby kids play mat, tummy time mat, nap mat, picnic mat, toy storage etc.