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Unicorn Squishie
Kawaii Unicorn squishies cute and collectable
Cute collectable unicorn squishies
Adorable unicorn squishies pastel colours
Kawaii Unicorn squishies cute and collectable
All Things Unicorn

Slow Rising Jumbo Unicorn Scented Squishies Kawaii

We love squishies and we adore unicorns so we are absolutely crazy about this unicorn squishie! This cute unicorn squishie is like a fluffy marshmallow with its beautiful iridescent pastel colours, it sweet smell and its irresistible squashy-ness! (Is that even a word?! You know what I mean!!)  this is the epitome of the Japanese word 'kawaii' meaning cute!

This fun sponge charm is made from a super soft material which gives you ultimate pleasure upon squeezing! A great form of stress reliever! 

These make for cute and fun charms for school bags, swimming bags, keys a really cool way to personalise your everyday boring items and be sure to stand out from the crowd!

You definatley will not be able to keep your hands off these super silly and fun slow rising squishies. A great gift idea for girls and boys alike!