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Unicorn colour in pens
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Crayola Unicorn Craft Toy | Creative and Fun Gift

Crayola 93020 "Colour n Style" Unicorn Craft Kit Review.

Let your child explore their creative side with this wonderful craft gift, which we think is perfect for any little girl. The unicorn can be personalised using the selection of dry erase pens and can then be wiped clean with the cloth so that it can be redesigned time and time again. There's not many craft gifts that are re-usable, which made this one was a winner in our eyes from the start! Here you have a creative, beautiful craft toy that will provide hours of endless fun and make a fantastic companion for any young girl. The unicorn features a shooting star, crown, love heart with wings and 3 diamonds which can be coloured in to create a pretty toy. You can do so many things, with the mane, why not tie it up in a plat or give it a pony tail. Features a brush to keep the mane looking great, and some small embellishments to add glamour and sparkle to this majestic unicorn. The video demonstration shares some wonderful tips and ideas to get started. Any child will love this! 

Recommended for children from 4-10 years old. 


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