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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Unicorn Play mat and toy storage all-in-one
Outdoor unicorn play mat and toy storage all-in-one
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Unicorn Play Mat and Toy Storage All-In-One

Wow - A very cute baby unicorn play mat that the boys will like as well as the girls! Combining clouds, stars, balloons and unicorns all onto one mat - this is nothing short of pure genius!

Whoever designed this unicorn mat really deserves 5 gold unicorn stars! En-capturing stars, balloons, clouds and a very cute unicorn into one a unisex baby play mat.

Larger than most play mats on the market, this one will give your little one the chance to have a very big stretch out! Could also be classed as a rug. Big enough to play games and have some good old unicorn fun. 

But wait, there is one more amazing feature with this rug that we haven't mentioned yet! It also transforms into a storage bag. Use a cord to cross through the holes and transform into a storage bag for holding toys! Excellent for travel and keeping things tidy. 

Oh and it can be used outdoors. WOW. 

5 unicorn stars for this one! 



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