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Girl's Unique Dummy Chain Happy Teddy - Baby Shower Gift - (rosé, white, Unicorn)
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Girl's Unique Dummy Chain Happy Teddy - Baby Shower Gift - (rosé, white, Unicorn)

Brand: Lolleby's Kindertraumland

Color: rosé, white, unicorn


  • SAFE FOR YOUR BABY: All materials used are saliva-proof, nickel-free, non-toxic (DIN EN 71)
  • Please kindly forward us your name of choice via contact seller
  • Soother Clips keeps soothers clean and close at hand so your baby is never without
  • Baby Shower Gift
  • Handmade with love

Details: A special gift for the little ones in your life.
Choose from a wide selection of cute baby and toddler handmade gifts & more. Our personalized soothie clips are a great way to ensure you little one does not drop their soother when out and about. Our personalized products are a special gift, customized and made-to-order.

Please be so kind and forward us the name you would like through Amazon ordering process or contact seller or e-mail to info@lolleby.de

If you are interested, we also offer wooden (maple) letters for 0,40 GBP per letter. Please let us know, if we should change the included composite letters into wooden letters. If nothing is mentioned in your order, we will use composite letters.

Our handmade clips are manufactured in Germany in accordance with DIN EN 71-1/-2/-3/-9 and DIN EN 12586. All our wooden or composite items are non-toxic, sweat and salvia-proof. We use only stainless, nickel-free clips with ventilation holes. Our cords are non-toxic, sweat, salvia and tear proof. All materials are completely safe for children.

It is possible that under certain circumstances a lot of moisture (saliva or cleaning with water) could cause the varnish to dissolve. This would only lead to an unsightly effect, but does not cause any risk to baby's health.

Most of our clips are suitable for names of up to 7 letters, but of course we also to include longer names to best effect. In order to conform to the DIN Norm length of 22 cm (excluding clip) mandatory in Germany, we use flat lentil beads or smaller bead sizes or if there is no other choice a design must be omitted.

ATTENTION! Please never leave your baby unattended with any toy or soother chain. Please also check toys and soother clips, if any items are lose. Lose items are permitted for children under the age of 3.

CHOKING HAZARD! Great care and attention is given to each clip we manufacture, but slight changes in color or pearls can result.