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Imaginaria Unicorn Gin
Unicorn Gin Liqueur
Imaginaria Unicorn Gin Marshmallow Flavour
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Imaginaria Unicorn Marshmallow Gin Liqueur, 50cl Bottle

Imaginaria Unicorn Dreams Marshmallow Unicorn Gin Liqueur

  • A stunning bottle and a magical flavour
  • Make for the perfect gift or treat for oneself


  • 50cl bottle of Imaginaria Unicorn Marshmallow Gin Liqueur
  • A sweet marshmallow flavoured gin liqueur.
  • Pink and shimmery making this the perfect cocktail component to spice up your drink.

Publisher: Imaginaria

Release Date: 14-02-2019

Details: "50cl / 20.0% - We're not quite sure yet what it is exactly that unicorns dream about, but we can hazard a guess that they're full of pink sparkles and quite possibly gin ? much like this Unicorn Dreams Gin Liqueur from Imaginaria. This tipple can certainly be enjoyed over ice, although give it a shake and we're sure its pink and shimmery hue will have you creating some cracking cocktails.


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