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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Bright, colourful Unicorn Baby Gym, Playmat
unicorn themed play mat with toys, bright and colourful
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Colourful Unicorn Baby Gym Play Mat

Get in early! Don't waste any time introducing your newborn to the unicorn with this baby play mat. With a few nifty toys to keep them entertained for the first few months! (And keep you sane).

This is a lovely vibrant, colourful and cheerful baby gym with the happiest little unicorn we have seen to date! Baby gyms are great for entertaining little ones and helping to train eye co-ordination and distance perception.

Did you know babies only see in black and white to begin with? This is where this play gym is super smart, with its black and white spotty arch, the contrast will be sure to get your babies interest and help to start focusing on something.  

The cute hanging toys are great for giving your baby something to look at, reach out to touch or even kick with their feet! Baby gyms are fantastic for supporting a babies hand to eye co-ordination as they reach out to grab these objects of interest.

As babies colour sight begins to develop they will love all the bright and colourful patterns and shapes included in this baby gym- an absolute baby essential in our opinion and this has to be one of the very best we've seen!

This would make for an unusual and unique newborn, baby gift or for a baby shower as this design is not seen on the high street!