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Jojoin Toddler Unicorn Musical Instruments Set | 25 Pcs Wooden Percussion Toys | Ages 3+
Unicorn Musician Instruments | 25 Pieces
Unicorn Themed Musical Instruments | 25 Pieces
Unicorn Design Musical Instruments | 25 Pieces
25 Pieces Unicorn Musical Instruments
Children's Musical Instruments | Unicorn Design | 25 Pieces
Unicorn Gift Idea | Musical Instruments | 25 Pieces
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Jojoin Toddler Unicorn Musical Instruments Set | 25 Pcs Wooden Percussion Toys | Ages 3+

Jojoin Toddler Unicorn Musical Instruments Set | 25 Pcs Wooden Percussion Toys | Ages 3+


  • 【Romantic cute pink musical instrument set】The musical instrument set includes complete accessories. Romantic pink captures the hearts of boys and girls at first sight. Colorful and well-designed designs, including ocean wave bead drums, unicorn tambourine, flower handle bells, maracas, xylophone and flute etc. It contains everything a small musician needs and is definitely suitable for creating a family band.
  • 【Unique and novel musical instrument toy design】The 25PCS musical instrument produces different beautiful sounds. The beautiful pink unicorn tambourine and flower handle jingle bell make the children can't help but dance. The ocean wave bead drum with an ocean pattern makes a sound like waves when it shakes. Children can hear the different sounds of life and nature, enhance the creativity and enthusiasm of music, which is of great benefit to children's musical talents.
  • 【Safe, Sturdy and Durable】All musical instruments are made of high quality wood. The surface is smooth, without sharp corners, and does not damage the baby's soft skin. The material is hard and cannot be easily damaged even if it falls from great heights. Don't worry about your baby's safety.Note: Children under 3 years old must be use it under the supervision of parents
  • 【Convenient to carry and store】Equipped with high quality pink backpacks, easy to clean and store, keep children's musical instruments tidy, easy to take out and share with friends. In this fun interactive game, you can free the nature of children and give them a good chance to meet new friends and strengthen friendship. Besides, this bag is also a good choice for storing books.
  • 【The best educational gift for kids】The musical instrument set is a wonderful educational gift for children. Encourage children to create music, express themselves through music, and promote communication and interaction with their parents, enjoy a relaxing and happy time together. If your son, daughter, niece and niece receive this gift, they will be very happy and satisfied.

Details: Jojoin superb toddler musical instruments set toy, the pink appearance easily captures the hearts of children, 25pcs musical instruments play different beautiful sounds, let children feel the charm of music, help develop children's brain intelligence, it is of great educational significance toddler musical toys. Feature: 1. Unique and innovative toddlers musical instruments design - cute unicorn tambourine, crisp-sounding flower handle jingle bell, and special ocean wave bead drum, allowing children to hear the sound of the sea. 2. Safety and environmental protection, high quality - The paint surface adopts environmentally friendly, safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint. Even if it falls from a height, it will not be damaged and is durable. 3. Ideal gift - children can play with their families and have fun. The best gift for children's birthdays, Christmas, parties, and Easter. 4. Early education toys - help children develop rhythm and music skills, improve concentration, memory, motor skills and creativity, and increase lung capacity. The package includes: 1 * Xylophone +2 * Mallets percussion sticks 1 * Wood Sounder Tube + 2 * Wood sticks 2 * Egg Shakers 2 * Castanet 2 * Handle Bells 2 * Maracas 1 * Triangle +1* striker 1 * Wrist Bell 1 * Tambourine 1 * Bird Whistle 1 * Drum of Ocean Beads 1 * Wooden Jingle Stick (Flower) 1 * Rattle Drum 1 * Harmonica 1 * Trumpet 1 * Flute 1 * Backpack.

Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.0 x 4.4 inches

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