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A site for unicorn lovers, made by unicorn lovers
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Katies playpen unicorn rocker
grey and white unicorn rocking horse
grey and white unicorn rocker wooden frame
Grey and white unicorn rocker for toddler
Cute unicorn rocking horse
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Unicorn Rocking Horse - Little Bird Told Me Starry Celeste KATIES PLAYPEN® White and Grey

The KATIES PLAYPEN Unicorn Rocking Horse is a stunning plush rocker designed for children of 9 months plus. Grey and white to suit almost any room with its modern chic design. This is without doubt the most classy unicorn rocker available to buy online. Designed for young girls with an ambition to provide a never ending enchanting adventures. 


  • Guaranteed to provide any young girl with many enchanting imaginative adventures.
  • Celeste is the prettiest unicorn rocker available with it's stunning starry design in grey and white.
  • Fae is the name of the beautiful fairy bunny who sits in this unicorns pocket and is a great toy for children and young kids to play with. Fae is included with purchase of the rocking horse.
  • Has a lovely mane & tail, beautifully painted rockers, handles and there is also an option to remove the detachable foot plates.
  • Approximate Seat Height: 34cm
  • For children up to 20kg 
  • Product Dimensions: Size 64(L) x 35(W) x 52(H)cm.


EAN: 5056045506453

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